Orgasm Videos – The Ultimate In App Store Deception

Now granted, in most cases you should probably know better … but we just have to scratch our heads at the misleading shit Apple is allowing into the App Store. Steve Jobs keeps proclaiming … “We Love Our Users”. Yeah … sure thing Steve, we love you too … thanks for having our back!

For $1.99, the Orgasm Videos application (yes, this is a real app) promises just that … orgasm videos. It comes heavily branded with “WARNING – FOR ADULTS ONLY – 17+” disclaimers and descriptive text that reads like the cover of a Kim Kardashian sex tape …

Includes Actual Videos!!!

Orgasm Videos includes quality videos with quality audio.

Watch these videos for your own pleasure!



Holy Big O, Batman! How can any red-blooded manly man resist such temptations as … Clitoral Orgasm videos – Female Ejaculation videos – or Multiple Orgasm videos? And there’s so much more the developers CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE!!!


Now you know that expression … if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Well it applies perfectly to the Orgasm Videos application nonsense. So before curiosity kills the kinky cat and wastes its two dollars … Orgasm Videos is simply a collection of publically available YouTube videos in which middle age women sit around and talk about sex.


Haha – as misleading as this may sound, Apple indeed loves you … sucka!