Destroy Bedroom Spontaneity With The Sex Organizer App

Here’s a nickel’s worth of free advice …

Looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom? … Try having more spontaneous sex. Want to continue in your sexual slump? … Use the Sex Organizer iPhone app.



Sex Organizer is the first complete sex planner for iPhone (and transforms users into droids). With features such as a sex calendar, sex diary, position planner and more … Sex Organizer promises a unique way to organize your sexual life. And if all this sexual organization isn’t enough … it has an integrated social media feature which allows the user to broadcast and share positions with friends via Twitter or Facebook (huh?).

Look, we get it. Kids, work, chores, etc. … most couple are busy, busy, busy. To avoid lovemaking ruts … organization and scheduling is necessary.

But there’s nothing better than just getting it on. No planning, no thinking … no Sex Organizer app … just spontaneous sex.

[stepping off our soapbox now]