Zombies Ate My Baby – We Bought This App Solely Based On Its Name

Rarely do we purchase an app solely based on its name … actually, we lie … we never have (although we were close to pulling the trigger on the Lesbian Videos application). Well that all came to an end the other day when we discovered Zombies Ate My Baby [iTunes $0.99] … this iPhone game had us at “hello”.



With a name like Zombies Ate My Baby, we’ll refrain from an in-depth, comprehensive review … pretty much all you need to know is that the game features a hot chick (Cheyenne) and she shoots zombies = WINNER!


Zombies Ate My Baby (love writing that) is well made, polished, contains killer graphics and is totally entertaining. Gameplay is simple – yet highly addictive. There’s OpenFeint integration (achievements and leaderboards), various game modes and cool comics which guide you through the entire experience. For 99 cents, the app provides tons of zombie blasting fun … this we like!



But besides the kick ass features described above, Zombies Ate My Baby has yet another bonus … an original theme song. This tune is so epic that it is now the official ringtone of our iPhone 4 … a real head-turner when our device starts belting out the lyrics – “Zombies, Zombies, Zombies … Ate My Baby!” … hear it for yourself by clicking the promo video below.