WTF, Halloween Tampon Ghosts And Bats – plus Recap Week Of October 4

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Halloween Tampon Ghosts And Bats [DIY]

Hooray … Halloween is exactly three weeks away! And now is the perfect time to enjoy some lovely Halloween arts and crafts … which can then be used to decorate your home. We found the following creations on … which contains step-by-step directions for making your own Tampons of Terror. Meh … who needs legos when you have tampons!

Tampon Ghost
Some glue, some wiggle eyes … and BOO … you are good to go.

Tampon-Ghost-1  Tampon-Ghost-2

Tampon Bat
Talk about resourceful, this one even uses the plastic applicator to create the bat’s head.


tampon-bat-2 tampn-bat-3