For Only $40 This App Will Help You Become An Asshole

Payton Kane is a douchebag THE man. He’s a ninja at bagging chicks … a self-proclaimed master pick-up artist. He scams shares his wisdom through radio talk shows, home study courses and seminars ranging from $199 to $9,875. Just look at the pictures of Payton below … touching on, feeling up and groping hot chicks … dude is our idol!

payton-kane-1 payton-kane-2 payton-kane-3

So how does a man with a receding hairline do it? How does Payton Kane bang all these lovely babes without paying them? Payton will tell you in his new iPhone app … Seduce, Conquer and Destroy – The Ultimate Dating Home Study Course … but it’ll cost you the bargain price of $39.99.



Now Payton is no moron. He knows that before someone plunks down a cool 40 bones, he better hook the sucker prospect with intriguing promises in the app’s description like …

Learn how to manipulate her
Learn how to use her emotions and looks against her
Learn how to get the instant upper hand
Learn how to not let her know what your intentions are
Learn how to control her
Learn how to tame her
Learn how to string her along
Learn how to control your wife or girlfriend
Learn how to wrap her right around your finger

Basically Payton will teach you how to be a REAL man … because REAL men treat women like shit … seduce, conquer and destroy. Hooray – for only $40 … you too can become an asshole today!