Because Hot Chicks Smoking Cigarettes Make Us Horny – Smoking Girls App

Perhaps one of the most underappreciated applications in the entire App Store and to this day, it still baffles us why this isn’t the #1 Paid app … Smoking Girls. They really don’t get much lamer better than this! For 99 cents, you get a hot chick … wearing a skimpy outfit … sucking away on a cigarette. WOW!


And the purpose of this app … do you really need to ask? Fire crotch cancer stick girl is there to keep you company – DUH!


Smoking-Girls-iPhone-3  Smoking-Girls-iPhone-2

LMAO … damn that Delilah is so hot. And smoking is so cool. Just a FAIL high quality epic application on so many levels.



  • dadditude

    There is NOTHING sexy about girls that smoke. Kissing one is like licking the bottom of an ashtray.

  • Starscream1017

    lol, this girl looks like a hooker though. not exactly hot. the dev probably paid some hooker off to pose with a cig, now he makin money off the app. lol. the lame things ppl do.

    i agree with dadditude. kissing them is gross. i hate the taste too.

    cigar smoking girls taste better.

  • Agreed! We prefer Cohiba mouth to Camel mouth for sure! 😉

  • Dewed

    The pic in the yellow shirt … looks like she's trying to hold a cigarette in her other hand as well. Maybe she's smoking at both ends.

  • This yarn about an innocent-looking but desperately horny teenage girl might not have that much commercial upside, but its bittersweet, faintly depressed …

  • Anonymous

    Yea… U’r right.Smoking Cigarettes Make Us Horny. Because, cigarettes can make females feel sexual, in particular, as a cigarette is phallic shaped. This also applies to homosexual men. Straight men don’t tend to experience this as much, however nicotine often has a calming effect on people, which obviously can make people feel more in the mood. Beer contains alcohol which lowers inhibitions and can increase confidence.thanx! @LINDA:)