Eminem, Kardashain & Others Become Bieber With Bieber Hair App

bieber-iphone We think everyone would agree that the world would be a better place with more Justin Bieber. Because frankly, this kid is just not getting enough headlines or publicity. Oh what a shame!

Well luckily the folks at iBroomCloset recognize this severe void in society and have published … the BieberHair iPhone app.


Simply point your camera at the subject … click your iPhone’s shutter release … and BABY, BABY, BABY – OH … you just made the world a better place.

Look at Eminem … seems much happier as a Bieber!

Bieber-Hair-iPhone-1  Bieber-Hair-iPhone-1a

Kim Kardashian … totally hotter as a Bieber babe!
Hans Solo … way bigger bad ass as a Bieber!

Bieber-Hair-iPhone-3  Bieber-Hair-iPhone-3a

Bieber-Hair-iPhone-4  Bieber-Hair-iPhone-4a

Steve Jobs … truly magical with his revolutionary iBieber mane!
Homer goes Bieber … simply amazing!

Bieber-Hair-iPhone-2  Bieber-Hair-iPhone-2a

Bieber-Hair-iPhone-6  Bieber-Hair-iPhone-6a

iBroomCloset is already working on updates to BieberHair … V1.1 will have the ability to email directly from the app … while the much needed V2.0 will allow users to put Bieber hair on existing pictures in your camera roll.

More Bieber? … BABY, BABY, BABY – NO!


  • Micah

    This is so so funny!

  • and don't you feel better already viewing all these new Biebers? the world

    really is a better place 🙂

  • Shaun Vsop

    baby baby baby

  • Shaun Vsop

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  • “Baby Baby Baby”

  • “baby baby baby!”

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    Baby baby baby

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    Baby Baby Baby”

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    Dang I missed it!! Baby Baby Baby !! zzz

  • Ofir

    Guys & Gals
    you got to try “HAPPY BIRDS”
    its so funny!

  • Ofir