Masturbation & Ejaculation Found In Talking Chuck Boy iPhone App [Video]

talking-chuck-boy-iphone-6 Another day, another Apple screw-up …

Talking Chuck Boy is an animated iPhone application from Beijing-based HugaoMobile in which users interact with the lovable character Chuck. You can kick, poke or hit Chuck … his eyes will fall out, he’ll get a bump on his head and eventually he’ll pass out in a bloody mess from your abuse. Talking Chuck Boy is described as, “Fun for everyone! Kids, adults, friends, co-workers, and more.” … curiously Apple rated this violent app suitable for ages 9 and above.



Whoa! – Hey! – Hold on! … did you catch the 18 second mark of the video?!? Is Chuck choking the chicken?!? And what the hell is that white stuff flying around?!? Probably nothing since the app’s description says the “WC” button lets Chuck go to the bathroom.



Yeah right! Upon further review in the video below … Talking Chuck Boy masturbating and ejaculating is certainly not suitable for 9 year olds. And if Apple is serious about banning overtly sexual apps … well then Cupertino, we have a problem!


  • Ok! Let's say that it's due to the nature of the app being in B&W that certain elements of it seems like smth else…

  • Dewed

    So WC is … Whack Chicken?

    I seen that app was available, but hadn't seen a video of it yet.

  • LOL … WC = Whack Chicken. It actually stands for Water Closer, a non-US term for “bathroom” 🙂

  • Dewed

    Oh OK lol … Looks like they pulled it (the app that is). It's not available anymore.

  • MegaMeatyVinky

    WTF? He doesn't talk!

  • no talk? Chuck does make sounds … guess that's talking 🙂

  • MegaMeatyVinky

    Even if it was colored, it is clearly a black tooth that somehow is able to jackoff in seconds. Also, I wonder what's his mental masturbation image?

  • MegaMeatyVinky

    I suppose it's kinda like baby talk.

  • it's Chuckie Talk 🙂

  • Dewed

    Supposedly, you can record your own voice to it.

  • Mr. Reeee

    It's gone now.