Nude Runner Girl Edition Streaks To The #1 Overall FREE App

Last summer, French video game studio, Piky Team, released their first iPhone game … Nude Runner. It’s a simple application in which you control a naked guy (yes, you actually have to touch the naked guy to move him – ewww) … avoiding security guards from tackling you by the ball sack. The longer you dodge authorities, the higher your score.


nude-runner-2  nude-runner-3

Nude Runner has done fairly well in terms of downloads … approximately 150,000 in the first 3 month, while peaking to the #68 overall free app.

But Piky Team was not satisfied with their mild success. They were determined to kick ass like Angry Birds and released a pinker, more feminine version of their nudie game … Nude Runner – Girl Edition.


nude-runner-4  nude-runner-5

In the process of swapping out penis for vagina, Piky Team learned a valuable lesson … naked girls rule, naked boys drool. It only took Nude Runner – Girl Edition FOUR DAYS to reach 200,000 downloads and become the #1 overall free application in the entire App Store. Congratulations Piky Team!



  • Dewed

    In the boy edition, where the guy is tackling him … it looks like he's giving him a good squeeze (hand placement) lol.

  • very PAINFUL to look at for us penis carrying members of the population

  • Blah

    nice app, but the app store needs to allow nudity…

    i mean seriously….

    its not thier apps, why do they care?

  • That's the trick box Apple is trapped in … they put the “Seal Of Apporval”

    on every app they sell, so it is kinda their app.