Sexy Leaf Shirts, Huh? – plus Recap Week Of November 1

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In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

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Go Green With These Leaf T-Shirts

Look, don’t get us wrong … we’re totally up for going green, hugging trees and saving the planet. But just because something is eco friendly, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all good.

Take for example these designer leaf shirts (yes – LEAVES – like you are wearing them) called “Zero Footprint Shirt” by artist Dave Rittinger. Sure they are completely handmade using glue to hold them together, but come on … really?




[via Threadspot]


  • No_Tie

    Damn, and my kid just went as Peter Pan for Halloween. Could've saved a few bucks.

    Yellow looks like Big Bird.

    I dare the Jackass team to wear the orange one and lie down when the town's leaf removal truck shows up!

  • Dewed

    They'd make good camoflauge … in the Fall.