Analog Bacon Clock – No Pigs Were Harmed In The Making Of This App

A great injustice has been taking place towards iPhone owners! With over 300,000 applications available for download … there isn’t a single bacon clock. Not really sure what Apple or these so-called “talented” developers are thinking … but we find it complete bullshit that such a glaring omission exists and totally inexcusable!

But before you throw yourself into a frenzy over this bacon disregard … you’ll be happy to know that last week, 100 Proof Software came to every iPhone owners rescue by filling this ugly void with … Analog Bacon Clock.


There’s really not a lot to say about Analog Bacon Clock. It pretty much sells itself … a clock made out of bacon … what more do you need? It’s the reason you bought an iPhone.


However that’s what makes 100 Proof Software one of the best iOS developers to date. Sure they could have simply released an analog bacon clock app … but they didn’t. Nope … they released the Best. Analog. Bacon. Clock. Ever! (even if it’s the only one available for download) Just check out these world class features:

– A clock made up of 3 juicy strips of bacon.
– Animated second hand.
– View your bacon clock on a clean pan, greasy pan or plate.
– Touch the pan to hear the bacon sizzle.
– Oinking alarm clock (kidding,although that would be epic).

bacon-clock-iphone-4  bacon-clock-iphone-3

Agreed … it’s like horological nirvana, with a bit of salty pork mixed in.

And finally … to those who think meat is tasty tasty murder, please feel comfortable  downloading Analog Bacon Clock as no pigs were harmed in the making of this app … HOORAY!


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    Thanks for making it FREEEE (for the weekend)!