Boob Ninja iPhone Game – Grab Boobs, Rack Up Points

With an iPhone game like Boob Ninja … we could have just ended this article with the title alone … but how much fun would that be?



Quite possibly the breast game in the App Store, Boob Ninja is all about grabbing boobs. Players rack up points by grabbing as many boobs as possible … all while dodging kitchen utensils like rolling pins, spatulas and wooden spoons. There’s absolutely no correlation between the utensils and boobs … but with a titillating game called Boob Ninja, does it really matter?    

boob-ninja-iphone-3  boob-ninja-iphone-4

Listen bra, although this app might be a bust … you really shouldn’t knock it till you try it. Who knows, looking back on Breast Ninja … you’ll probably have fond mammaries … chest sayin’ (.)(.)


  • Ben

    Just bought it, this app is awesome, I have the strange urge to grab boobs though, might be a side effect…

  • Scarlett

    what a great game and so funny, I have no idea what the utensils are about but who cares! The little ninja is a little star, the sound effects make me laugh and the graphics are awesome! A great game to play when you are on a train, or stuck in a line! to play this you need to have a good sence of humor, good ice breaker at a party, pass the iphone around and watch everyone have a go!

  • LOL … yeah, you are being transformed into an actual BOOB NINJA!! …

    chop! chop! grab! grab!

  • playing it on the train or subway is really cool the person sitting next to

    you inquires – what game are you playing … BOOB NINJA!!!

  • Now this ninja is for real.

  • Dewed

    There's an app for that?

    Now I can stop dodging REAL kitchen utensils : )