Butt Scan For iPhone – Safely Photocopy Your Bare Ass [Video]

Ok, show of hands … how many of you have dropped your pants (or lifted your skirt) at work, planted your bare ass on the glass of the photocopier and pushed the start button? Oh yeah … look at all of you butt ninjas! Nothing like feeling the warm glow of the copier’s scanner light against your naked bottom … Xerox nirvana. Uh, that is … until you get busted.

The fine folks at Zattikka literally want to save your ass from getting fired and have launched the Butt Scan iPhone game … so all us butt ninjas can practice in peace.



The beauty of Butt Scan is its simplicity. The game is all about photocopying your crack at a company party. Just place your naked cheeks on the glass and fire away. Butt be sure to hop off when you see someone sober approaching … clinical studies have proven that sober co-workers don’t take kindly to ass on glass.


So next time you feel the urge to smear your cheeks all over that ultra-tempting copy machine … play it safe with Butt Scanner and collect your next paycheck.


  • Dude

    My favorite app 🙂

  • hard to argue … certainly a one of a kind for the App Store

  • MegaMeetyVinky


    When I saw the link to this page on your Twitter, I thought you can actually scan your (_Y_) by directly putting it on the iPhone touchscreen.

    I'm going to fart now….with my ass aimed at the monitor.

  • LOL … Actually, an app like that getting approved would not surprise us at all!!

  • love2text

    I love this app ;D very entertaining.