Pee Monkey Plant Bloom Sprays iPhone With More Golden Shower Goodness!

pee-monkey-iphone-logo Last year we featured the hysterically epic Pee Monkey Jungle Fire [iTunes $0.99] application … the first peeing action game on the iPhone. In Jungle Fire, you play the role of a male monkey … the jungle is on fire and you must save the Gee Monkeys (sexy lady monkeys) from burning to death. How? By pissing on those nasty destructive flames … of course.

Since the launch of Jungle Fire, developer Happy Latte has released two additional Pee Monkey games … the former #1 chart-topping Pee Monkey Toilet Trainer [iTunes $0.99] and Toilet Trainer 2 [iTunes $1.99]. But hold on … Happy Latte continues to piss away … just last week, Pee Monkey is back in an all-new adventure … Pee Monkey Plant Bloom [iTunes $0.99 & FREE Lite].


In Plant Bloom, Pee Monkey is challenged with growing plants … by showering them with nutritious monkey urine. Each plant Pee Monkey successfully soaks in his whiz, blooms into a beautiful flower (yellow sunflowers – makes sense) and earns points. There are 40 levels (10 in Lite version) of brain-teasing fluid mechanics … each with increasing in difficulty, as Pee Monkey must try to “water” an increasing number of plants without exhausting his … ummm … resources.



Similar to the previous Pee Monkey games, Plant Bloom boasts family-friendly graphics, smooth realistic gameplay and user-friendly game controls … overall a high-quality top-notch iPhone game which can be enjoyed by players of all ages (game rated 4+). Think Angry Birds with the joys of golden showers … Pee Monkey rocks!