Hypnotherapy iPhone App Enlarges Your Penis [Amazing Video]


In case you lack Hangman skills, the iPhone application pictured above reads … Penis Enlargement – Enlarge Your Penis Effortlessly With Hypnosis.

This free app promises that with just the touch of a button, you’ll add size and girth to your penis … all through the magic of hypnotherapy. Simply listen to the 3 minute audio contained within the application and your penis grows bigger. Pretty amazing stuff … hooray!

Plus you’ll receive a wonderful icon which boldly screams “PENIS ENLARGEMENT” which you can proudly display on your iPhone … double hooray!


Unlike the other “grow your penis” application we featured last week, Penis Enlargement actually contains some value.

As a courtesy to our viewers, we’ve put together a highlight reel … a compilation of the app’s peak moments (so to speak). Trust us … you do not want to miss this! So TURN UP the volume and push play … your penis will thank us later.

UPDATE – Looks like Apple has pulled the Penis Enlargement app … guess they tested it for a few weeks and found no satisfactory results.


  • TyloNary

    I think the Magic Mouth app you have would work better at enlarging a penis.

  • Dewed

    LMAO @ the video. So it just loops the same short clip over and over for 3 minutes? Whew! … I was afraid to watch the video, for fear my penis would grow.

    It does have some comedy value though.

  • yeah … careful when listening/watching the video, who knows what kind of weird shit it'll do to your member.

    the video just condenses the soundtrack on the app … in between the “hypnosis commands” there is more music and the entire clip totals about 3 minutes … then it just loops over & over & over again. just be careful … don't listen too many times or they will start calling you Elephant Man 😉

  • great catch & agreed … certainly two complimentary apps any guy should have 😉

  • is the app dead? i can't seem to download it

  • Yes … We wrote a short update (underneath the video), Apple has indeed pulled the app as of around noon PST.

  • Holy shit, this thing works. I launched the app last night before going to sleep, while I was in bed. I fell asleep and woke up this morning 2 inches bigger!

    Hopefully they can make the same app for boobies. My wife needs that!

  • The iPhone really is revolutionary & magical. The world will now have larger penises … Yahoo!

    Actually there is a similar app for boob growth … Check out “Breast Enhancement Project” app we covered here on KRAPPS.

  • enome

    why cant i find it on the app store?

  • Per our update, Apple decided that approving this app was a bonehead move and quickly removed it from the App Store.

  • Drswagga

    dude are u seyin it makes ur penis bigger not erect

  • Muscleman

    ok is this thing for real honestly lol. Mos recordings I know of last for 30 minutes up to an hour and you need to keep listening to it for months at a time until the desired results are achieved so they say, And this is only 3 minutes!!
    seems very hard to believe.

    If only i could get mine to grow from 6 inches to 8 inches oh well

  • sombody

    hmm i can feel somthing growing