Turn Your iPad Into A Real Live Pinball Machine

pinball-magic-accessory-iphone-ipod-touch “Think Outside The Box iPhone”

That seems to be the motto over at New Potato Technologies. These folks are just not satisfied with the iPhone and have launched a series of “appcessories”. With applications and physical add-ons from the company, you can turn your iPhone into a cycling computer, universal remote control or a slot machine. Our favorite appcessory is Pinball Magic … download the free corresponding app, slide your iPhone into a miniature cabinet and your iPhone is transformed into a realistic pinball machine … complete with a physical plunger and paddle buttons.

And now the iPhone’s big brother will be getting some arcade love as well … Pinball Magic for iPad!


Given its size, an iPad pinball machine totally makes sense. Larger paddle buttons and plunger increases the playability of this appcessory … plus it would look so damn cute proudly displayed in your home.

Brookstone.com has the iPad Pinball Magic appcessory for sale at $80 (iPhone version $40) … and makes a cheaper, unobtrusive alternative to having a full-blown pinball machine in the middle of your living room.

[via Oh Gizmo!]