Antoine Dodson Bed Intruder Song Now An iPhone Game [Video]

He’s climbin in your windows – He’s snatchin your people up …
Hide your kids, hide your wife – Hide your kids, hide your wife

antoinedodson We freaking love Antoine Dodson and the Bed Intruder Song. Headline reads – “Bed Intruder Singer Moves Family Into New And Safer Home” … hells yeah! Dude goes from living in the projects … preventing a rape … going off in a local news interview … getting auto-tuned … Internet fame … Billboard Hot 100 … all the way to a brand new home. Atta boy Antoine!

And as the world takes notice of Antoine … so do app developers. Shortly after Antoine’s rise to fame, Bed Intruder Song soundboards began appearing in the App Store. Currently there are about a dozen of these soundboard applications available for the iPhone … allowing users to enjoy their favorite lines from Antoine right in the palm of their hand.

Meh, soundboards are so last month … the first Bed Intruder Song iPhone game has appeared for sale, appropriately called … Bed Intruders.


Bed Intruders mirrors the events from last July, in Hunstville, Alabama … where an intruder climbed through a bedroom window and attempted to rape Antoine’s sister Kelly. Only this time, Antoine is standing over Kelly’s bed, armed with a baseball bat … beating the shit out of those bastard intruders.


The game has this 8-bit tower defense retro feel and is integrated with OpenFeint providing leaderboards and 14 hysterical achievements like … “Got Yo T-Shirt” – defeat 200 intruders in one game … “You So Dumb, So Dumb” – losing a game … and “Snatched Yo Wife”.


Since Bed Intruders is not an “officially endorsed” application, the natural in-game music of Bed Intruder Song has been omitted (thus avoiding copyright issues) … however the developer (Mighty Rabbit Studios) is attempting to contact Antoine’s peeps in efforts to collaborate and include the must-have soundtrack.

Which brings up an even better idea … the Bed Intruder Song franchise! Besides video games, we can see Antoine Dodson figurines, plush toys, cereal, comic books, candy bars, trading cards and of course the ultimate … a Hollywood Motion Picture called “Run And Tell That, Homeboy!”