Apple Approves Orgasm Radio – Streaming Live Sex & Live Orgasms

“We have decided to remove any
overtly sexual content from the App Store”

The above announcement appeared in an official Apple email last February … informing developers that their overtly sexual iPhone applications were being removed from sale due to a reversal of policy. Over 5,000 apps were banned over the course of one weekend.

“We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone. Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone.”

And that would be the famous Steve Jobs statement from last April.


And finally, the above would be Orgasm Radio … an application Apple approved just last week.


LMAO – nice to see Apple doing such a great job maintaining their “moral responsibility.” Want an app that is clearly overtly sexual, just check out Orgasm Radio’s description …


Launch Orgasm Radio and you’ll be treated to LIVE SEX and LIVE ORGASMS (yeah right)! Amazing how Apple deemed Orgasm Radio (advertised as “radio porn”) tame enough for their puritan App Store as the app reads like a marquee found on San Francisco’s red-light district Broadway Street. Perhaps Apple now feels porn is morally acceptable … just as long as you’re not watching it.

Brace yourselves … Apple’s new moral interpretation should certainly open the door for such “radio” applications as Doctor Drew’s Loveline, KOME and Playboy Radio … LOL!



  • Dewed

    Maybe they allowed it cause the sounds are fake lol

  • They are?!? WTF! 😉

  • Starscream1017

    got any promo codes? 😉