Angry Birds – It Just Doesn’t Make Any Sense [Video]

With over a bajillion downloads, Angry Birds is all the rage these days (and makes plenty of cents). But did you ever stop and think what the hell is up with the objective of the game? Birds fly … but with a slingshot. Pigs protect eggs they stole from the birds … uh, why exactly do the pigs need eggs? So many Angry Birds questions – so little time … got to get back to 3-starring all the Angry Birds levels.

LMAO @ this hysterical Angry Birds video by Dorkly. [apologies in advance to Mobile Safari viewers … freaking Apple vs Adobe Flash pissing match strikes again]


  • Dave_Metzener

    That was the best Angry Birds video I've seen in a long time! I realize it's not by the developers, but it should be. Absolutely spot on!

  • LOL … Agreed, hysterical stuff!

  • Dewed

    lol Someone did an excellent job on that!

  • Hopefully this video gets as much buzz as the Peace Treaty video … both are classics.

  • They save the eggs for Templeton the rat.

  • Ah yes, of course!!