Ninja Steve iPhone Game Approved – Apple Has A Sense Of Humor?

Said the mighty Apple to the people everywhere …

No More Fart Apps! – No More Boob Apps! – No More Amateur Hour Apps!

ninja-steve-iphone-55 With statements like these, it certainly seems Apple is a stick-in-the-mud. Zero personality, zero sense of humor … just a cranky old bump on a log. But alas, we’re here to prove the critics wrong!

In what has to be one of the most epic approvals to date … yesterday the Ninja Steve iPhone game [iTunes $0.99] went live for sale in the App Store. What makes Ninja Steve so special? It’s based on an incident which involved Apple CEO Steve Jobs being detained at Kansai International Airport in Japan for carrying Ninja throwing stars in his carry-on luggage. This “Steve Jobs Is A Ninja” drama got so out of hand that Apple released an official statement claiming the story was “pure fiction.”



Apple is really not one to poke fun at themselves … especially spoofing their leader. So the fact that they could look at themselves in the mirror and laugh … i.e. , approve Ninja Steve … is a pretty big deal.

In Ninja Steve, the user plays the character of Steve … CEO of electronics company Xicidis. Steve is delivering a keynote, announcing their new video game Super Steve Brothers. During the keynote, Smartbots (who bear a striking resemblance to Google’s Android) begin attacking the CEO and the only way he can fight them off is with his trusty Ninja stars.


The app has 17 levels for your Steve Jobs Ninja pleasures … with developer Woltz Media already working on an update which will include more characters, opponents and levels. We spoke with Palito at Wotlz Media who gave more insight into the future, “if 10,000 Ninja Steve downloads are achieved by year-end, we’ll add GameCenter and The Woz character as an update.”


While Ninja Steve might not be on the same playing level as Infinity Blade, the game is absolutely hysterical in its likeness to all things Steve Jobs. It also represents major milestones for Apple … NOT taking themselves too seriously and NOT getting their panties in a bundle. Bravo Apple! This breath of fresh air is well worth 99 cents.


  • Duncan Chester Percy Dexter

    If they had used Mr. Jobs' last name and also his facial hair, this probably would've never got krapproved.

    Hey! It hasn't been removed……yet?

  • Yeah, don't think this one is going anywhere … It's here to stay! 🙂