AlphaBELCH App – The Freaking Awesome Way To Teach Kids!

Whether you consider it disgusting or hilarious … everyone burps! Heck, certain Eastern cultures consider it a compliment when a guest belches after a meal. We would have to agree … certainly a better alternative than relieving yourself at the dinner table with a smelly fart.

Anywho … we recently came across a new iPhone app called AlphaBELCH [iTunes]. Published by Stephen White of “Barney & Friends” fame (don’t hold that against him please!), AlphaBELCH is an A-to-Z picture book that teaches kids the ABC’s … in the most awesome. way. ever!



You’ve got butterflies belching, moose letting loose, fireflys with glowing gas … and of course magical unicorns whose shit don’t smell.



After checking out the demo video below, we’re convinced there is no better way to teach children the ABC’s than with AlphaBELCH. And as the saying goes … “don’t judge a book by its cover” … AlphaBELCH also incorporates an important message about manners!

Normally 99 cents, AlphaBELCH (iTunes) is FREE today through December 25 … just get it now!


  • Dewed

    Must be something wrong with my iPod. I got it just for some grins. But when opening it, it doesn't get past the loading screen : (

  • really? – that is very strange! maybe try re-booting your iDevice (shut on

    and off)? works perfectly on our iPhone and iPad … you sure you have a

    real iPod Touch or did you get some knockoff? 😉

  • Uncle Tim needs this one!

  • it's a free download now and can't be missed!!

  • Dewed

    I guess I wasn't opening it right. I was tapping it. But I had to swipe it.

  • ahhh yes, this is true … swipe to turn page … left button for narration,

    right button for burp

  • I don't think price changes will take effect between Dec. 23 and Dec. 29, so it's probably going to remain free until the 29th.

  • True … Apple has that freeze thing going on, so no changes can be made.

  • Kandyneal

    A brilliant way to teach kids, and big kids at heart to, funny witty with fantastic illustrations by Tony Neal, Belching Burping we all do it, and now its so much more fun…