Steve Jobs Is A Jew In Jew Booth App

Every now and then, we think to ourselves … sure wish we could add a little Jewish to our life. But rather than hopping on a plane to Israel or New York City, we settle for matzo ball soup at our local kosher deli.

But good news … being deprived of our Hebrew yearnings is now a thing of the past! Got Jew? Check out the new Jew Booth iPhone app.


Per the app’s description, “Use Jew Booth to add some Jewish culture to your photos! Take a photo or pick one from your camera roll, then add Jewish items and Jewish bling!”

Like we did with Jewish President Obama …

jew-booth-iphone-2  jew-booth-iphone-3

And Jewish Justin Bieber …

.jew-booth-iphone-4  jew-booth-iphone-5

Or the revolutionary Steve Jewish Jobs …

jew-booth-iphone-6  jew-booth-iphone-7

As a preemptive strike against potential Jew Booth critics (maybe it’s the really big add-on noses included in the app), the developer includes this statement … “The app is made for Jews by Jews! In no way is this app meant to discriminate against or demean anyone”. Well, that’s all good, however at least one Jew Booth user isn’t buying it (or actually they did buy it – cuz if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be allowed to leave a review … huh?) …



  • WTF. I'm offended, and I'm not even a Jew.

  • the BIG noses are really curious … part of Jewish culture, huh?

  • Grill

    I'm a bad jew and I think it's hilarious. Not a great app, but hilarious.

  • Gvjggjh

    Go fuck yourself Jew boy

  • Cypher

    jews are the sickiest people on the Earth`s face….