Got Cats? Check Out iPad Game For Cats … Not For Humans!

Apparently the folks at Hiccup, LLC have decided that 300,000+ iPhone applications available for download are enough. That’s why they decided to take their company in a different direction and develop apps for cats … yes … CATS. And if you think about it, the strategy sort of makes sense … over 300,000 applications available for humans – ZERO for cats … well that is, until now …



The free Game For Cats [iTunes] application is exactly what it sounds like … classic cat games pretty much every feline on the planet will enjoy … Chase the Mouse and Chase the Laser Pointer.


According to crazy cat-loving freaks cat aficionados, this universal application is best suited for the iPad … and damn, check out the app’s demo video, it totally works! (including the totally “I Don’t Give A Shit” dog)


And not only does it work, crazy cat-loving freaks cat aficionados everywhere are downloading the thing and putting it to good use. Just check out all the user submitted videos on the app’s website … Japanese cats, Siberian cats, American cats … all thrashing and scratching up their owner’s iPads while playing Game For Cats.