Apple Slams Adobe Yet Again, Approves Perverted ‘Adobe Flasher’ App

We Don’t Spend A Lot Of Energy On Old Technology

flash-apple-kill Those are Steve Jobs’ famous words from earlier this year when discussing Adobe Flash with The Wall Street Journal. He went on to compare Flash to other dead technologies like Floppies, Firewire and the CD. Jobs even went further, issuing a 1,685-word statement … “Thoughts on Flash”. If you feel inclined, you can read the entire bad-mouthing release on Apple’s website … but in a nutshell … Jobs thinks Adobe Flash is a giant sack of suck.

Given the recent Apple vs Adobe Flash pissing match, it should come as no surprise that an iPhone game mocking Adobe was cool with Apple. Or should it? Seems like a cheap shot that Apple would approve Adobe Flasher



And per the app’s description, translated from original Engrish text (and btw, who freaking knows why the app icon says “free” yet sells for 99 cents – silly developers) …

One hot lady was walking down the lonely street at midnight.
Mr. Adobe ambushed (her) in the dark.
He jump out suddenly and open his coat, all his body is shown.
The lady was horrified by the assault and ran to the police.


LOL … see what they did there? Apple could have requested the developer change the game’s name from “Adobe Flasher” to say something more generic like “Windows The Flasher” … but what fun would that be leaving out the subtle barb at Adobe?


Adobe Flasher … just another “FFFFUUUU” from Apple to Adobe.


  • kohjingyu

    Is it just me or do those characters similar to those in Amateur Surgeon?

  • LOL … good point … maybe that artist is moonlighting 🙂

  • eatfishy

    graphic looks pretty funny.

    Do you have do app request review?

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