Best Free iPhone Amplifier Ever – Happy New Year!

And there you have it … another year gone by. Happy New Year!


Team KRAPPS wishes you and yours a healthy and successful 2011. We hope you have enjoyed following our site this past year and a huge THANK YOU for your support … you really do complete us! <emotional tears>

And to get 2011 started on the right foot … a money saving tip for boosting the volume on your iPhone …


This low no-tech iPhone amplifier was discovered by Cameron Hunt as a way of boosting the iDevice’s volume so he could listen to music while showering. Dude says it totally works … pretty freaking clever if you ask us!

[via MakeUseOf]


  • If I'm driving, there is a coin slot on the dash under the radio in my parents van (Honda Odyssey) that works great.
    If I'm in my normal car (VW Jetta), the cup holder is perfect! It amplifies the sound great. I can even hear it with the windows down on the highway.
    I just got a 3.5 mm jack to cassette tape for Xmas so I'll be using that instead of my amplifiers

  • Hmmm … Pretty clever … Not a bad idea at all!

  • This is an absolutely weird and unique idea which has been proved by Mr. Cameron Kenley Hunt. This is a great product to utilize as an iphone amplifier and this is a wonderful technology innovation in iphone development which is so simple and easy and distinguished.

  • Robin James

    It works. It's cheap. It's green.