Learn To Roll A Joint With The ‘Roll Your Own’ App

Oh sure … it might come off as all innocent and charming, but it ain’t gonna to fool us! We know exactly what you’re all about mister Roll Your Own


This free iPhone app is certainly a wealth of knowledge. It contains all the information you’ll need to become a Rolling Ninja … rolling techniques, preparation methods, mixtures, papers, packing, etc. Roll Your Own also contains detailed step-by-step instructions (70+ detailed photos) or if you’re more into motion, handy-dandy videos are available.

roll-your-own-iphone-5  roll-your-own-iphone-2

With Roll Your Own, you’ll totally impress everyone at your next “social gathering” … besides the standard boring Classic roll, you can amaze friends when you pass them a  Tulip or Pyro roll … complex techniques which Roll Your Own will help you master.

roll-your-own-iphone-4  roll-your-own-iphone-3

Blunt? Doobie? Fatty? … hahaha … we know the real truth behind Roll Your Own!