Sexy Piano App Attempts To Deliver Sexy Sounds Of Beautiful Women [Video]

Look, we’re not afraid to admit … we’re healthy red-blooded penis-carrying members of the human race. As such, we were naturally attracted to the Sexy Piano iPhone app.


Heck, with a name like that … how could we resist? SEXY PIANO … yum!

Adding to the temptation of dropping 99 cents on this titillating application was its description. Although a bit difficult to decipher the Engrish language, we were at full attention reading Sexy Piano …

Sexy Piano is interesting piano which one of universe.
You can hear the beautiful woman’s sexy sound that you play Sexy piano and play the beautiful song. You can play the most beautiful song.

“You can hear the beautiful woman’s sexy sound” … with visions of the When Harry Met Sally screaming fake orgasm restaurant scene, we simply had to succumb to Sexy Piano’s hotness … SOLD!


And being the givers that we are, we’re sharing this sexiness with the world. Check out the Sexy Piano video below for some serious “LMAO – WTF”.

Spoiler Alert! … save a buck and just click here to watch the fake orgasm restaurant scene.