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Title: iToilet
Category: Entertainment

update: all download codes have been claimed – thank you

As a prelude to our iToilet article, please enjoy this 45 second commercial for an actual iToilet. Well maybe not an “actual” iToilet, but with the amount of KRAPPS Apple is approving these days, I don’t see this as a far-fetched product line expansion in a few years.


Ahhh, doesn’t that sound nice? … The iToilet. Well in the meantime as we all eagerly await this next can’t miss product from Apple, developer Dennis Nederlof brings us the next best option … the iToilet app … and OH what an app it is! You thought iPhone farts were the shiz? You thought iPhone vomit was the pinnacle of awesomeness? You never thought an iPhone urine app would be approved? And of course, you never even fathomed the idea of a grunting/bowel movement app. Well my friends, KRAPPS is here to tell you this … your world is about to change … starting NOW!

For a mere 99 cents, iToilet will deliver every disgusting, gross, nasty and foul bodily function sound you could ever imagine … all wrapped up into one app. Agreed, the deal of the century! Just check out a few of iToilet’s features:

Nose Blower Sound? – yes, touch the “Blow Your Brains Out” button
Blowing Chunks Sound? – yes, touch the “Drank Too Much” button
Urine Sound? – yes, touch the “Like A Race Horse” button
Dropping The Kids Off At The Pool Grunting Sound? – yes, touch the “Pop A Blood Vessel” button
Grunting Farting Dropping The Kids Off Combo Sounds? – yes, touch the “Bean Burrito” button

iToilet-Screen-1     iToilet-Screen-2

Enough? Nah … there’s more:

Interactive Toilet Seat
Interactive Flusher
And when you’re done doing your business – a handy Plunger

And how about a little educational bone to top things off – over 20 fun filled toilet facts:

iToilet-Facts1    iToilet-Facts2

So there you have it … the amazing iToilet app. Seriously, ask yourself this question next time you’re about to hit the “Install” button … why settle for just a fart or vomit app when YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!

Free iToilet app to KRAPPS viewers!
Developer Dennis Nederlof (MicroSECONDS Computer Consulting) was kind enough to provide KRAPPS with promo codes which will allow our viewers to download iToilet for FREE. Simply tweet the following message on Twitter:

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