Good App Gone Bad

Title: BobbleHead
Category: Entertainment

BobbleHeadDesc In June 2007, Rihanna released the “Good Girl Gone Bad” album which since has gone 2x  Platinum in the US. In October 2008, the JES Group released the BobbleHead app which is a relatively entertaining bobblehead application. Similar to Rihanna, on November 10, 2008, the JES Group released another app – Good App Gone Bad – with shocking similarities in functionality to their initial  BobbleHead release, with one glaring exception – sticker price = $14.99.

Either someone at JES or Apple was seriously drunk when inputting BobbleHeads’ price or JES is clearly one sandwich short of a picnic. I can only imagine the conversation which took place during the BobbleHead app strategy meeting:

“Guys, our BobbleHead app is kicking some serious ass. We have 40 App Store user reviews averaging 4 and a half stars – this is golden. Seriously guys, we are the Pandora Radio of BobbleHead apps! And get this … there are 6 bobblehead apps in the App Store – and we are #1 – we rock! Think about this, if we play our cards right, we could make millions of dollars, quit our day jobs and cruise MySpace all day for chicks. I swear, we are brilliant – chicks will dig us because we will have loads of money – we’ll be Superbad. Guys, call me crazy, but I say we raise Bobblehead’s price by 1,414% … hey, we might as well strike when the iron is hot. Raise it from 99 cents to $14.99. Brilliant – one thousand four hundred and fourteen percent! We have the #1 bobblehead app, we rock, we are brilliant, chicks will dig us … let’s do this!”

And now we conclude with commentary from real-life BobbleHead user “diehardyankeesfan”: