Attention Slackers!

Title: Hold The Button
Category: Games

Hold The Button Screen This one is so amazing, we had to re-read the description several times to let it sink in. We do not want to take credit for its brilliance, so here is the app’s actual description:

“Hold The Button will put to the test your stamina … As it’s name states, Hold The Button’s objective is to keep the button pressed as long as you can. Your reflexes and other speed-related abilities won’t help you in this game, you’ll have to learn to empty your mind if you want to achieve a high score … This is Hold The Button. Too simple? Maybe, but will you be one of the World’s Top 25?”

So to recap … the objective of Hold The Button is to press the button with your finger and not let go … EVER! See, we told you … freaking brilliant! This is the kind of stuff that puts other apps to shame. Screw Google Earth when you can get Hold The Button! Simply genius – slackers need not apply for this app. Hold The Button – the anti-KRAPPS of the iPhone apps!