Bad Timing

Title: DoucheMeter
Category: Entertainment

update: all DoucheMeter download codes have been claimed – thank you

There has been an unfortunate circumstance in the world of  KRAPPS. Seems the little KRAPPS are getting pushed around by the big bad KRAPPS. Who are these big bad KRAPPS? …. Farts I tell ya! These farts are completely out of control. New farts arriving daily for almost two months now. Fart apps everywhere … and everybody is iFarting. I swear, I’m waiting for Oprah to start jabbering about her iFart guilty pleasure. Farts – Farts – Farts … ENOUGH! Let the little but equally as talented KRAPPS get a piece of the spotlight.

DoucheMeter Screen1 Which brings us to our under appreciated and unsung krapp called DoucheMeter.

I know what you thinking, “does it fart?” … NO – it doesn’t fart … BUT … it detects whether or not a person in a douchebag. Yup, sure does. It has this meter thingy and when someone touches it, the nifty gauge swings wildly and ticks … then after its analysis, pops out the final verdit: douchebag or not a douchebag. Bravo DoucheMeter… amazing stuff … KRAPPS Of Fame material here! DoucheMeter Cartoon

So with such a brilliant piece of krap, why is Toby the DoucheMeter developer so sad? Well Toby knew he was on to something. As Toby describes, “As well as detecting Douchebaggery, the text on the DoucheMeter can be configured to display anything you want: Cool-Meter, Babe-Meter, Rad-O-Meter” … oh that clever Toby, he struck gold and was ready to quit his day job. So again, why so sad? … Farts I tell ya! If it wasn’t for these damn big bad farts, Toby would be … the King of KRAPPS … the one on Oprah … releasing the box office smash Douchebag Millionaire … and producing the hit TV series The Real Douchebags Of Orange County. But alas, Toby’s efforts were all for not – just a case of bad timing … or really perhaps a case of bad gas?


Free DoucheMeter app to KRAPPS viewers!
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