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Title: BurnBall
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BurnBall and KRAPPS t-shirt contest – see end of article for details

DFH logo We at KRAPPS love a good beer. Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada, Fat Tire, Chimay … all good stuff and since these are “big boy” brewers, they should be available at a store near you. But what about the little guys – the microbreweries? Yeah, if you don’t make an effort and look a bit closer, you’ll miss gems like … Three Floyds, Bells, Speedway, Westvleteren, Victory, Dogfish Head and others … all tasty brews which are limited in production and distribution.

Hello! … KRAPPS! … Wake Up! … Focus! …. folks come here for iPhone talk and don’t really give a rats behind about beer >>> Wait for it … we have a point.

Point is, we all know and love the “big boy” app developers … EA Mobile, SEGA, Freeverse, gameloft, etc. All these guys pour 100% anti-KRAPPS Certified applications. But like our beer mantra … don’t miss out on the little guys … the microdevelopers!

Anti-Krapps-Seal-v2GIF One such “do not miss” microdeveloper is IMS and their awesome 100% anti-KRAPPS Certified iPhone game BurnBall. BurnBall is an arcade game where the player attempts to block off parts of the screen with the BurnBall character (his name is Roy) while avoiding evil robots. The soundtrack rocks, graphics are top-notch and it feels like you are transformed into the BurnBall Icon BurnBall comic book world. Once you block off 75% of the screen, you advance to the next level. Simple enough (there are three levels of difficulty – Easy, Hard and OMG) … but very addicting. IMG was genius to leverage Web 2.0 and introduce a BurnBall Facebook fan page coupled with an online community where worldwide BurnBall high scores are posted. For more BurnBall fun, check out the video:

BurnBall and KRAPPS T-Shirt Contest

IMS was kind enough to provide us with BurnBall promo codes. KRAPPS is also kicking in love, a KRAPPS t-shirt. Follow the steps below to enter the contest …

Step 1: Open a Facebook account
Step 2: Click here and become a fan of the Facebook BurnBall page
Step 3: Submit/Upload a fan photo with the following text: I found BurnBall on (ideas: take a picture of yourself holding a “I found BurnBall on” sign … create a “I found BurnBall on” sign in Photoshop,, etc.)

Deadline to enter the contest is Friday, February 6, 11:59 PM PST. A panel of 17 celebrity judges (including BurnBall Roy & Fake Steve Jobs) will determine the winners. Be creative.

1st Place = BurnBall promo code & KRAPPS t-shirt (if you already have a BurnBall code, you still will style with your bitching KRAPPS t-shirt and the code will go to a runner-up)
2nd Place = BurnBall promo code
3rd Place = you’ll win something cool, we just haven’t figured it out yet

Winners will be notified on Monday, February 9. Good luck!

BurnBall Screen 1       BurnBall Screen 2