indianajones Apple’s iPhone, coupled with its native applications (apps), is an amazing resource and use of technology. There are many remarkable items available in the App Store … music recognition app Shazam … a virtual globe with the Google Earth app … ability to remember everything with the Evernote app … PSP-like apps Crash Bandicoot and Cro-Mag Rally … social network apps Facebook and MySpace … relaxation aid apps Zen Garden and Koi Pond.

Apps are not only beneficial to the iPhone user, but for Business as well. Companies are beginning to leverage the iPhone for mutual benefits between customers and their corporate interest … the DiSTI Corporation offers a virtual beer app with a clever marketing tie-in for those users who visit their booth at the I/ITSEC trade show … Stanford University released the iStanford app which will allow students to register for classes and view their grades … the Ralph Lauren app features press releases, catalogs, a store locator and runway show videos.

obama Apps come in all shapes and sizes: Flickr and Twitter apps, wide email apps, quit smoking apps, how much alcohol you drank apps, weather apps, doodle apps, TV guide apps, sudoku apps, voice dial apps, password keeper apps, book apps, geo locator apps, music apps, light saber and lighter apps, chess and checker apps, tic-tac-toe and rock-paper-scissor apps and many more.

With over 10,000 iPhone apps in the Apple App Store (as of Dec. 2008), the list of brilliant apps and talented developers is simply astonishing.

>>>> BUT <<<<

You knew this was coming … there is always a “but”. Indeed there are many brilliant apps – but some apps simply make you scratch your head in disbelief. Dig deeper into the iPhone App Store and you will discover apps that are … well, how to put this … strange, stupid, whacky, weird, etc … label them what you want, but these apps essentially make you stop, scratch your head and think, “WTF?”

ralphie And that’s where KRAPPS comes in. We focus on the lighter and krazy side of apps … call ‘em anti-brilliant apps – slacker apps – not amazing apps … KRAPPS … we look at their functionality, descriptions, titles, icons, sounds, user reviews, etc. … all aspects of an app are open to discretion and ultimately, our laughter.

For every “Shazam” there is a “Respect My Authoriti!” … release “Diaroogle” (think diarrhea plus Google), sorry, getting KRAPPS is just a natural …Tickle Me Elmo made millions, “Tickle Me” not so much … The Smashing Pumpkins = AWESOME, “Singing Pumpkins” = NOT awesome … release the “wear your iPhone as a necklace” app? – you deserve to be whooped upside your head.

So in conclusion, for your viewing pleasure, we proudly present …

not all apps are created equal

photos by Travis Hammond (aka axb500 on flickr)


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