Zombies Ate My Baby – We Bought This App Solely Based On Its Name

Rarely do we purchase an app solely based on its name … actually, we lie … we never have (although we were close to pulling the trigger on the Lesbian Videos application). Well that all came to an end the other day when we discovered Zombies Ate My Baby [iTunes $0.99] … this iPhone game had us at “hello”.



With a name like Zombies Ate My Baby, we’ll refrain from an in-depth, comprehensive review … pretty much all you need to know is that the game features a hot chick (Cheyenne) and she shoots zombies = WINNER!


Zombies Ate My Baby (love writing that) is well made, polished, contains killer graphics and is totally entertaining. Gameplay is simple – yet highly addictive. There’s OpenFeint integration (achievements and leaderboards), various game modes and cool comics which guide you through the entire experience. For 99 cents, the app provides tons of zombie blasting fun … this we like!



But besides the kick ass features described above, Zombies Ate My Baby has yet another bonus … an original theme song. This tune is so epic that it is now the official ringtone of our iPhone 4 … a real head-turner when our device starts belting out the lyrics – “Zombies, Zombies, Zombies … Ate My Baby!” … hear it for yourself by clicking the promo video below.

All Aboard! for First Class Fun [Train Conductor 2 iPhone Game Review]

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)


Train Conductor 2: USA [iTunes $0.99] by The Voxel Agents has quickly become one of my favorite games, offering a pitch-perfect blend of sights, sounds and silky smooth gameplay all wrapped up in a universal app package.  The brief tutorial that starts things off introduces the game mechanics:  numbered trains enter from either side of the screen and you have to create a temporary switch to guide them to their correct track while avoiding collisions (you really don’t want an NTSB investigation clouding your resume).  Once you’ve got the hang of things, you’re off to Miami to take control of a beachside monorail system.  These are relatively slow moving trains, giving the player the a chance to improve their switching skills.  As the round progresses, faster moving express trains appear, keeping this location challenging.


Once you’ve safely delivered a certain number of trains, the next location on the map is opened up.  Nashville and it’s apparently haunted by the ghosts of long forgotten musicians.  I found this location to be the easiest for high scoring.  Since they are incorporeal, there are no collisions, but the red demon trains must be delivered to the correct track.  And these ghost trains move very fast.  Playing this level on the iPad, I found the multi-touch to be extremely responsive as I switched trains with both hands.


After scoring another hundred trains delivered, it’s time to visit the Big Apple where you are put in charge of 5 subway lines.  This was by far the most challenging location for me to play since you have to route the trains around pillars and the tracks are labeled with both numbers and letters.  This level requires an extreme amount of focus to navigate successfully.  The attention to detail that the developers have put into this game is really apparent in this level since the subway lines are authentically color-coded.


Once you’ve passed the 300 trains mark, it’s time for another trip into the ghost world for the next location: Las Vegas.  Here, the gameplay changes up a little bit since you aren’t switching the trains between the tracks.  Instead, you have to work a little pick-n-flick to save the ghosts before they fall into the traps set up at the center of the screen.  The entire game, and particularly this level, really gives your hand-eye coordination a workout.  It’s a great way to hyper-focus your noodle during a busy day!


At the 600 trains delivered mark, you get to visit my home state, Arizona, for a trip to the Grand Canyon, where you have to keep the steam trains from plunging into the gorge below (talk about pressure).  I should mention that you can revisit any of the locations that you have unlocked as well.  Since each level plays like it’s own game, it’s fun to pick and choose.  My daughters both love the game, but they each like different locations best.


I haven’t yet reached the score to unlock the Roswell, New Mexico location which was recently added, but I’m sure there are aliens involved.  Also planned for a future update is a Seattle trainyard.  The replay value of this game is very high and at 99 cents, this universal app is a steal.  I am quite surprised that the game isn’t in the top charts, since it is definitely in my top ten.

Free Full Version ‘Word Driven’ iPhone Game Using Our Secret Code ($2 Value)

In case you didn’t receive the memo … exercising your brain is good thing. Similar to the rest of your body, it is a case of “use it or lose it” with your brain’s muscle. So to help you avoid becoming the next Lindsay Lohan <dumb – dumb – dumb>, we present the P90X of iPhone apps … Word Driven [iTunes FREE].


Word Driven is a simple yet challenging word puzzle game, unique to the App Store. You are presented with 3 letters with the objective of creating a word using those 3 letters … in the same order. For example, given the letters “SPR” … you could create SPIDER. Letters “SYS” can result in SYSTEMATIC.

word-driven-iphone-2  word-driven-iphone-3

The longer the word, the more points you get … ENTERTAINMENT scores higher than BENT when using the 3 letters “ENT”. Get it? See, it’s easy … but can get totally challenging as Word Driven has four difficulty levels. At the hardest difficulty setting, Word Driven is one of the most challenging word games – ever.

word-driven-iphone-4  word-driven-iphone-5

Controls, game music, graphics and user interface are all top-notch and extremely polished. Word Driven is so kick ass, it was featured by Apple as a “New and Noteworthy” application. We love the fact that Word Driven is OpenFeint Enabled … satisfying our competitive juices as we compare our scores to folks worldwide. And to make Word Driven even more entertaining, you can play either the Race Mode (get as many points as you can before time runs out) or Road Trip (play at leisure, additional penalties applied). Oh … and did we mention all this Word Driven epicness is FREE?


FREE is nice, but will only take you so far. Via a $1.99 in-app purchase, players can unlock additional game levels and difficulty settings. But before you frown at a measly 199 cents, Word Driven contains SwappIt code technology … meaning when you make the in-app purchase, you’ll receive a code … give that SwappIt code to a friend and they will be able to receive the $1.99 worth of upgrades for FREE. It’s sort of like a “buy one, get one free” special … and good for karma. No other developers use such revolutionary technology … they should … because it’s uniquely super cool!

word-driven-iphone-6F  word-driven-iphone-7

*** Free Full Version Of Word Driven To All KRAPPS Viewers ($1.99 value) *** 
Big shouts to the folks at Headlight Software who were kind enough to create a secret uber SwappIt code exclusively for our viewers … allowing you to download all game levels and difficulty setting for free. Simply CLICK HERE to download the free Word Driven app. Within the SwappIt screen, enter the secret uber code … KRAPPS.COM … press “Done” and voila … the full version of Word Driven has been unlocked and ready for your P90X brain workout. Enjoy!

Intense. Violent. Extreme. – Cage Fighting Marshmallow Peeps Brawl In New App

Three words – Cage. Fighting. Chicks.

No, not those kind of chicks … Apple banned overtly sexual apps. We’re talking the marshmallow kind, better known as … peeps. So piss off MMA, UFC and all you other cage fighting acronyms … there’s a new game in town that’ll kick your pansy ass! FCU has arrived … Fighting Chicks Unlimited [iTunes $0.99].


Rarely do we come across an application that has the drama, suspense and excitement as Fighting Chicks Unlimited. The action is intense, the violence borders disturbing … FCU is pure, raw and epic awesomeness.


FCU is a universal application (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad friendly = more bang for your buck) in which marshmallow peeps fight for your entertainment in a caged arena. Prior to the match, the player reviews each peeps’ “tale of the tape” … analyzing height, reach, odds and other applicable fighting factors (geeks should love this kind of statistical analysis). Once this data is considered, the player picks a peep to win and enters the amount of their wager (gambling is legal in FCU).



Once bets have been placed, it’s SHOWTIME! Round and round these crazed steroid-taking marshmallows go (roids are legal in FCU) … battling each other until one explodes or tips over. Last peep intact or standing is declared the winner. Bet right, you win … bet wrong, you suck and your bankroll takes a beat down.    



What we love about Fighting Chicks Unlimited is that there are no other apps like it (original / unique point +1) … and at 99 cents, FCU is a knock out bargain. But words really can’t describe something so insane and legendary as Fighting Chicks Unlimited. Tthat’s why there’s a game action video about half and inch below. Push play … be amazed … then buy the one-of-a-kind app and feel the adrenaline rush. PEEPS!


The Gods Must Be Lazy [Godville iPhone Game Review]

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)

I picked up Godville when it first came out back in July (it’s free — iTunes link — so there is absolutely no barrier to entry), set up my deity account, crafted my hero and then promptly forgot about it. Perhaps I should have stretched the whole process out over 6 or 7 days – maybe then I would have had an inclination to meddle more in the affairs of men.



So, fast-forward to about three weeks ago (yes, I am asking you to fast-forward into the past, McFly), when my brother-in-law asked me "Have you played Godville?" After my quick retort of "Has anybody *really* played Godville?" I pulled up the app and lo and behold, my hero had been slaving like a Working Class Dog. So, I tossed him an encouragement and a punishment, ’cause I don’t need him going all soft on me and then read through his diary. As far as I can piece together (hey, the app doesn’t bestow omniscience, it’s free — iTunes link — remember) my hero, Dread Pirate Roberts, has been wandering the countryside, handing out cans of throwback whoop-ass to over fifteen hundred monsters, grabbing fistfuls of loot and yes, even dying 4 times (so it is quite possible he is now a zombie).


Some of the diary entries are quite funny. The player community’s suggestions and ideas are incorporated into the game’s text, so you’re not likely to see the same thing over and over. My current stats show that my hero belongs to the Zombie Hunter guild. I don’t recall choosing this, but it seems appropriate given my appreciation for all things zombie. At some point, my guild was Sweet Dreams, I can guarantee I didn’t choose that one.


The update that was just released last week adds several new features, including making the app Universal. I just loaded it onto my iPad and it puts the extra screen space to good use, combining several screens from the iPhone version into one. Another new feature just added is the GodWiki where you can get extra information related to the game.

The app is also available in Russian where it is called: Годвилль – I was hoping this was the Russian word for FartApp, but alas it is simply Godville. [iTunes Free]

If You Sudoku, Sudoku 2 HD Pro is For You [iPad App Review]

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)

sudoku-2-iphone-title I think Finger Arts, the developers of Sudoku 2 HD Pro [iTunes $2.99] for the iPad (and Sudoku 2 [iTunes Free] and Sudoku 2 Pro [iTunes $2.99] for the iPhone/iPod Touch), may have missed a better name for these apps: Squeeeeeeee!doku.  This is based on a conversation I had earlier this week that went something like this:

My Wife (the Nth level black belt Sudoku master): "What are you playing over there?"
Me: "Oh, I’m checking out Sudoku 2 HD Pro to writeup for KRAPPS this week.  It’s also"
My Wife (notice that she is completing my sentence here): "available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I play it all the time, it’s my favorite Sudoku app."
Me: "Well, now, you can also play it on the iPad and it looks great"
My Wife: "Squeeeeeeee!"

See, there it is, product marketing gold.


Having played it a bunch this week, I can see why it’s her fave.  The app takes the familiar Sudoku game and gives it a friendly little spank in the form of a continuously decreasing multiplier that is used to generate a score.  And if you’re going to have a score, you might want to compare your high scores to those of Bob from accounting and Yuri the yak farmer from, um, wherever yaks are farmed, right?  You’ve got it, in the form of OpenFeint integration.


As I said before, the app looks great.  In the Pro version, there are three different board styles: Tiles, Classic and Glass and you can play in either landscape or portrait layout.  The free version doesn’t have the Glass style and can only be played in the portrait layout, but it’s otherwise the same game, giving you ample opportunity to try before you buy.


Lush ambient music and sound effects add to the enjoyment.

If you like Sudoku, I would definitely recommend giving this app a look, especially if you are playing on an iPad.  If you don’t currently like Sudoku games, the added elements of scoring and such should give you a reason to give this one a try.  It might just change your view of Sudoku forever.


Have Fun – Be A Turd – Play DoodleDumps For iPhone

Maybe it’s just us, but there’s something refreshing about iPhone games that incorporate turds. In the past we’ve featured PooPong (think Atari Pong with flying poop) … Bathroom Racer … and that’s about it. Our brief observation … the App Store needs more poop and less sex education. Thankfully the folks at Blast One hear us and created a new iPhone game which is hysterically entertaining … DoodleDumps [iTunes $0.99].



Now if you’re thinking DoodleDumps is just another App Store embarrassment, nothing could be further from the truth. This doodle genre game provides hours of simple – but totally addictive – gameplay … not to mention top-notch programming, a killer original soundtrack (from Jazz / Alternative Rock musician Eve Wheeler) and ridiculously comical graphics. All this DoodleDump goodness comes at the bargain price of 99 cents.


When you’ve finally had enough of being an Angry Bird or a Fruit Ninja … live a little – be a turd! DoodleDumps provides the unique opportunity of playing a piece of shit as it skids and slides down a roll of toilet paper. Your mission is to keep yourself (the poop) safe … jumping over paper gaps, dodging pesky holes and avoiding a messy “Death by Splatter” all over the bathroom floor (ouch!).

photo-111  DoodleDumps-iPhone-1111 

Along the way, you’ll be presented with a number of power ups to collect and be treated to some special game modes like the legendary “double rainbow” mode (love it when a game can cleverly incorporate an Internet meme) or the epic “angel wings mile high” mode.

DoodleDumps-iPhone-2  DoodleDumps-iPhone-3

The developers are fully committed to making DoodleDumps even more awesome as the next update will include Dueling Turds mode (slalom racing against AI players), three levels of difficulty and so much more. So it’s time to shut up Talking Carl and stop giving a rat’s ass Where’s Waldo … drop the 99 cents, download DoodleDumps and see how fun being a turd can be.

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