Dumb And Dumber

dumb-and-dumber Have you ever seen the movie Dumb and Dumber? It’s a slapstick comedy film featuring the characters Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne. The movie follows their adventures and keeps the audience thinking – “who’s the bigger dumb ass, Lloyd or Harry”. Yeah, it’s a pretty dumb movie (pun intended), but entertaining none the less.

Well the developers at peekpoke seem to be big Dumb And Dumber fans. In honor of the movie, peekpoke has released two apps which are essentially Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne … the Kampi and Sales Kampi apps. Like the movie, these apps will keep you thinking, “which app is the bigger dumb ass?”


Rather than describe these two apps (words can’t really do these apps justice), take a look at the instructional video below. While the video runs just over one minute in length, you really only have to watch about 6 seconds of the video to understand its point.


So what exactly is the point of Kampi and Sales Kampi? Uhhh – hmmm … hmmm – ok, our bad – not really sure what’s the point of these apps. They sort of remind us of the Nothing app we recently featured. Yeah, maybe that’s it – the point of Kampi and Sales Kampi is absolutely nothing! Got it … we are good to go. So now that we understand the point of all this is nothing, only one question remains … between Kampi and Sales Kampi … which one is Dumb and which one is Dumber?

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Sliders App

By demand, KRAPPS will periodically review “legit” apps thru a network of guest authors.

Title: Sliders
Category: Games
Guest Author:

sliders_logoGIF I really enjoy puzzle games. But there are a lot of games out there that seem to take a theme and beat it in to the ground without really changing anything. They slap on some different graphics and say it’s “new” when really it’s the same old game with glitter on it. So, when I’m combing though all these games, I’m pleased when I find one that’s not like all the others. One that has some of the same characteristics but adds a new twist. Something to make your puzzle fingers excited again. Well folks, there are games like this out there – breaking the mold and do something different. One of these new games is Sliders by Gnizama.


Sliders is a game that brings something different to the Match-3 table. When you start the game, you are presented with a 5 x 5 board of brightly colored blocks. You then slide the blocks side to side or up and down to make matches of 3 or more colors. But, here’s where it gets different. In most Match-3 games, you must make a move that results in a match. In Sliders, you can slide the blocks where you want to as many times as you need to pick up big combos and Special Matches. Special Matches are certain block configurations that give you mega point bonuses! They are listed in the help section of the game. There are 3 different game modes; Timed, Strategy and Free Play. In Timed mode you are given 120 seconds to score as many points as possible. If you make a match of 4 or more blocks, or a Special Match, you will get extra time. In Strategy Mode you have 50 moves to get the highest score. As with Timed mode, if you make a match of 4 or more etc; you gain extra moves. Free play mode lets you play without timers or other distractions to practice getting those huge combos and Special Matches.


What’s great about Sliders? It’s a great little game that changes the Match-3 game play up a bit. The graphics are very clean and polished. I am in love the sounds and the background music. It gives a great feel to the game, a lightness that’s enjoyable to listen to. The gameplay is simple, yet addicting. Trying to get the Special Matches is challenging and they really make you want to play more to get them. What’s not so great? There is no separate scoreboard included. The game only records your highest score in either Timed mode or Strategy mode. It’s displayed on the information page. There is also no in game Global Scoreboard. I’d also like to see more times added or the timer extended a bit so you can play timed mode longer. 120 seconds doesn’t seem like enough time to me. Or maybe it’s because I liked timed mode best and want to play it longer!


My overall impression of Sliders: if you like puzzle games, then you really should give it a try. It’s a great pick and play game and you don’t need a lot of time on your hands to play. Unless you are the addictive type and end up playing for longer than you planned. Sliders can have that effect, so be careful! But do try it. Click here to purchase Sliders for $1.99 in the App Store or visit the web site for more information and demo video.

antikrappssealv2gif EDITORS NOTE: Putting a new spin on a classic is risky business. Remakes of movies, songs, automobiles, etc. can get tricky … propensity to fail is high as emulating a classic is tough. That’s why the folks at Gnizama did a marvelous job putting their spin on the classic Match-3 game … no fail for them as Sliders is a big win and thus 100% anti-KRAPPS Certified.

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Too Much Information

There are things in life that you simply do not discuss in public. Ever hear of the saying …
3 things you do not talk about at work – Religion, Sex or Politics. (I guess Fight Club could be a fourth) It’s true. These subjects are to delicate for general public consumption – much better to keep these matters private and only share them with family and close friends.

Same holds true with the iPhone … some apps, no matter how tempting, should not be installed. Take for example the six apps below – which of the following locator apps do not belong on your iPhone?


exactly … the FIND A GYNECOLOGIST app … wth?!?! Maybe we are just skewed by our male perspective … but seriously …

obgyn-kenobi Do the ladies really need to locate a gynecologist at a moments notice? – And if you do need a gynecologist at any given moment, don’t you have some serious health issues and better off staying near you primary physician? – And wouldn’t the ladies prefer a gynecologist they are familiar with than some random obgyn? – And gynecological matters, aren’t they a bit too personal to be front and center on your iPhone?

So many questions are swirling through our male minds. We would love to pick the brains of the developers at iHealth Ventures who released this gem. I mean we can understand the Locate My Parked Car app or the Find A Pizza app … but Find A Gynecologist …
whoa, iHealth Ventures … too much information bro!


Brown Note

Ever hear of Brown Note? It’s actually quite popular … Brown Note has been featured on the television shows MythBusters and Brainiac: Science Abuse. The character Echo DeMille from the NBC series Heroes is able to produce a Brown Note to escape from some of his pursuers. The band Ben Folds have incorporated Brown Note into their concerts. And probably the most popular Brown Note reference was in an episode of South Park …

Simply put, the Brown Note is an infrasound frequency that is said to cause humans to lose control of their bowels due to resonance. eww! And of course you know where this is going:

What’s great about the iPhone is that if you want to make people crap their pants,
there is an app for that …


Yes – of course there is an app for that … Apple approves apps for just about anything … including the Brown Noise app … the app that theoretically makes people crap their pants. Thank you Apple for consistently approving apps we really need.


Facebook Connect For iPhone, Now Live

Well, well, well … look what we have here
How do we know? Cuz we smart!

facebook-mum As customary in Casa de KRAPPS, we were tinkering around on our iPhone and noticed one of our favorite apps, Binary Game [App Store], had an update waiting for download (click here to read why we <3 this game). We immediately opened the screen and began reading the update’s details. There was all this mumbo-jumbo about Facebook and how Binary Game is now so much cooler because it’s integrated into Facebook. Then it dawned on us, after 8 months of waiting, Facebook Connect for iPhone has finally launched!

We first learned about this upcoming Facebook/iPhone feature on July 23, 2008 via Gizmodo and TechCrunch. Per the Gizmodo article:

At Facebook’s annual f8 conference this afternoon it was revealed that iPhone app developers will be able to integrate apps with Facebook Connect—in other words, apps will be able to link up to and share data with your Facebook account, so your identity will be consistent and linked across apps through your Facebook account (and you won’t have to create separate accounts for every app).


What this now means for Binary Game (besides the fact that it’s an even cooler game):
Facebook users who play Binary Game can login to Facebook (from within the game) and compete directly against their friends. When a new high score is achieved and a user has defeated the score of their friends, they will now be able to post a social action on Facebook telling all their Facebook friends of their achievement.


Initially Facebook announced that Facebook Connect for iPhone would be released in Fall 2008. Obviously a delay, but good things come to those that wait. We can only assume the Binary Game is not the only iPhone game being integrated into Facebook Connect. We suspect we hear an official announcement from Facebook, including all “phase 1” Facebook enabled iPhone games, within the next 12 hours. More specifically, since it’s SXSWi time, where major announcements always occur, we believe Facebook employee, Dave Morin, makes it official in his “The Search For A More Social Web” SXSWi presentation at 11:30am CST. Attending SXSWi? Make sure you are there for Dave’s presentation and witness first-hand this MAJOR NEWS … hopefully he has some swag to hand out.

update: Tap Tap Revenge 2 is now also Facebook enabled



Fart 2.0

Have you ever heard somebody fart and think, “dang, that was a good one – I’d rate that baby a 10!”. Oh for sure … because think about it … FART is really ART, but only without the “F”. Pretty cool, eh? Whatever … you all are nuts!

Look … judging the quality of a person’s fart is really not our thing here at KRAPPS … but hey, who are we too judge. If rating farts floats your boat – go for it. We are simply here to deliver great news to all our fart rating friends (aka – freaks) … Nielsen Technology has released the most awesome (albeit, the only one so far) fart rating iPhone app, appropriately called … Rate A Fart.


Seriously, we are about to dive into Rate A Fart’s features … it’s so sick (we mean that in a good way), you better sit down. Rate A Fart is basically a fart rater on steroids. Or call it, fart rater meets social media … FFR … the Facebook of Fart Raters. A collaboration of the finest minds. The user is supplied with an endless stream of member supplied farts from all over the world. English farts, Aussie farts, Japanese farts, Swiss farts, Egyptian farts … you have all-world fart access, so rate away.

socialmedia Ok, rating farts is so much fun (we guess – whatever), but participating in this fart competition is even better. Rate A Fart gives you the ability to record your own personal farts and then broadcast worldwide to other Rate A Fart users for scoring on a scale of 1 to 5. It’s almost like commenting on Flickr images.

Now if you have true talent … a gifted FARTIST, if you will (see what we just did there) … your farts will score big and be placed into the app’s dedicated Top Rated farts screen. Think Farts Of Fame … ahhh, your parents would be so proud! And if you fall short of the esteemed group of flatulence … don’t give up … keep practicing … Rate A Fart provides a nice archive where you can store your previous recordings and refer back to them for future work … sort of like how a baseball player tapes his swing so he can go back, study the film, make the adjustments and be ready to perform prime time at his next at-bat.

RaF1   RaF2

We think you will all agree – Rate A Fart ROCKS! The Flickr/Facebook of Farts, where Farts become Social Media and part of Web 2.0 … call it FART 2.0 (see what we just did there).

FREE Rate A Fart App To KRAPPS Viewers!
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Up There App

By demand, KRAPPS will periodically review “legit” apps thru a network of guest authors.

Title: Up There
Category: Games
Guest Author:

I don’t like to be a show-off. But with my iPod Touch all I have to do turn it on and I’m a show-off. People always seem to crowd around me and watch me play my games. Then they say, what else can you show us? What other games have you got on there? I only have a few games that I like to go to for showing off. These games really highlight the capabilities of the iPod Touch. They bear witness to how dazzling the graphics are, the tilt controls that are fairly new to gaming and the awesomeness of the touch screen. One of the games that’s in this very small show-off group is Up There by Veiled Games. It’s my go to game when I’m demonstrating all the great features of my device.


Up There is a game that was specifically made for the iPhone/iPod Touch. The gameplay is not complicated. You start the game with a balloon in a cage. The balloon just wants to float up. It’s released from its cage and you have to guide it though various barriers you will encounter along the way. The way you guide the balloon is by tilting the device back and forth to move through the holes in the barriers. If you get stuck, then your game is over. Also included is an easier practice mode to help you get the hang of the game.

UpThere5   UpThere6

So why is this game my show off piece? Because the visuals are simply sublime. The artist hand drew all the artwork and it really needs to be viewed on the iPod Touch/iPhone’s screen to appreciate its real beauty. There have been no problems with the graphics as the game always runs seamlessly without slowdown. The in game soundtrack, “The Joy of Sky”, gives a nice light feel to the game. Up There also satisfies my competitive needs. There is a regular scoreboard, as well as a global score board to record your high scores and compete against the world.


My overall impression of Up There = FANTASTIC! No iDevice should be without it. It’s even been selected by Apple as a Featured Application. The developers obviously poured their heart in to this game and it truly shows. This game is here to stay on my iPod Touch and I will continue to WOW people with it for a long, long time. Click here to get your show-off piece at the App Store now for $1.99

Anti-Krapps-Seal-v2GIF EDITORS NOTE: Ok, we admit it … we like to show off our iPhone as well to those poor suckers who go through life without the greatest gadget on Earth. As such, we have a show off screen … sort of a Hall Of Fame screen featuring the best of the best … stuff like Shazam, Google Earth, iFart (kidding!) and of course … Up There. By the way, if you don’t agree with our review …
UP YOURS … because Up There is 100% anti-KRAPPS Certified.

FREE Up There App To KRAPPS Viewers!
Veiled Games was kind enough to provide codes which will allow KRAPPS viewers to download Up There for FREE. Through Fri, Mar 13 at 11:00am PST, tweet the message below on Twitter and be entered into the Up There drawing. Good luck!

got iPhone? read the Up There game review on @KRAPPS – it’s 100% anti-KRAPPS Certified http://krapps.com/?p=1631

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