An Official Viagra App? Stickmen Invasion? Huh?

LadyHuhFINAL The last “Half Ass” article received favorable reviews from our audience. Good to see you all can appreciate a bit of humor at the expense of our foreign developer friends. Hey, if you’re going to play in the US App Store (not to mention, want our money), you better be damn sure your app’s description makes some freaking sense. Leaving a potential customer thinking … “HUH?” … is not the way to turn a profit. And if your description sucks big enough, it will certainly land you here on KRAPPS.

So let’s have a look at what Tokyo-based developers, ITnet, are up too. Recently they released an iPhone game called Lure Drawing. Apparently ITnet blew their entire budget on R&D and were forced to translate their description using Babelfish. Unfortunately, Babelfish turned their iPhone game into something that reads more like a science fiction horror movie where alien Stickmen invade Planet Earth …


”Stickman is forming the original world. We cannot interfere in such Stickman’s world usually” – “The Stickman gather out of thin air” – “The comical appearance that cannot be seen might be able to usually be seen”.

Run for the hills people … the invisible comical Stickmen are coming to take over world.  This is not funny – the entire human race is screwed – we’re all doomed!

Sorry about that … indeed, a bit too graphic for KRAPPS. Let’s take it down a notch and look at an Entertainment app simply called Mischief. We’re not really sure what it does … something about the iPhone changing into you, then playing momentarily tricks, then becoming “It” (maybe it’s a game of Tag) and finally letting out a “Scream” …


Hmmm … a strange one indeed. But we think we’re on to something … we took a closer look at Mischief and believe we discovered the App Store’s first official Viagra application (no wonder they mention “Scream” … huh?).