Avoid Herpes, Suck Face With Your iPhone (alternatively: I Kissed An iPhone And I Liked It)

funny-pictures-hamster-kiss Man it’s tough being single these days. Besides trying to find that perfect (or even semi-perfect) someone … when you do finally meet them, you gotta worry about things like herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea or the other heaps of sexually transmitted diseases. Dang, we even heard you can get VD just by sitting on a toilet. What the hell is that?!? Scary krap … not funny at all! So we’re thinking … hmmm, if you can catch something off a freaking toilet seat, no way in hell are we going to risk kissing someone. Who knows what kind of nasties you can get from sucking face … the clap, crabs, drippy dick, etc. Whatever the case may be, we ain’t going there … better to be safe than sorry. No rotten crotch for us, thank you very much!

And you know, this whole non-kissing stuff? – it’s all good. No worries … we don’t miss it. Why should we? We get plenty of lip lock action thanks to our trusty iPhone 3GS (the “S” stands for “SEXY”). Damn straight we do! We da playa … da pimp mac daddy … we score  whenever and wherever we like. Meet our two hook up hotties, Noriko and Chloe (who apparently is a quarter Greek-Japanese, whatever the hell that means, new math?) …

KISSCOMI-Prologue-title Chloes-KISSCOMI-title

So as you can see by our girls’ bios, they are a bit different in flavor. Noriko appreciates a bit of foreplay. She needs to be touched a little – to warm things up. And you gotta be careful with Noriko … if you don’t kiss her just the way she likes, well, she gets pissed at you and calls you out as a lousy kisser … crazy bitch!

kisscomi prologue 1   kisscomi prologue 3

Now Chloe on the other hand, is all about action … and she ain’t shy about it. She’ll tell you straight up – “I like kisses, I want much” … yeah baby! Hell, she even gives you a prize if you satisfy her … how cool is that?!?

chloes kisscomi 1 chloes kisscomi 2 chloes kisscomi 3

Anyways, like we said, we da pimp mac daddy and can score with Chloe or crazy bitch Noriko any time we want … that’s how we roll, we’re pros like that. But we weren’t always this awesome. There was a time … when we were still young grasshoppers … we were  very awkward and painfully shy towards iPhone chicks. But what saved our sorry ass was this ultimate kissing trainer … the Sasamekisscomi app.


sasamekisscomi-screen-1   sasamekisscomi-screen-2FINA

Hmmm …. so you probably noticed the whole “special mask” the teacher wears during the kissing lesson. Yeah, it was kind of weird at first, but then you get used to it. But take a close look and admit it … that is one sexy fine mask. Heck, after your fifth lesson, you hardly notice it at all. And can you blame her? Who knows what kind of a disease she might catch swapping spit with her loser students. Like we said … it’s better to be safe than sorry. Kiss your iPhone … you just might like it!

Fat Mama’s Pussycat Playland – A Freak Show

Dog-Faced-Man-FINAL Yesterday we appeared on the Los Angeles-based KROQ-FM’s Kevin & Bean Morning Show. During the interview, we referred to the App Store’s 75,000+ applications as a giant circus. Some of the apps are pretty standard fare like popcorn and cotton candy, while others are definitely “unique” and can be described as circus freaks. And since we obviously have a special place in our heart for bearded ladies and dog-faced men (or maybe we just have a thing for facial hair) … ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages – step right up and witness our newest sideshow performer,
Fat Mama’s Pussycat Playland.


Fat-Mama-Web-Site Who exactly is Fat Mama and why should we be enamored by her Pussycat Playland is beyond us. All we know is that this app is one helluv freak show. Something about tickling Fat Mama’s belly, teasing with cat nip and maneuvering a ball of yarn is all we can comprehend. Heck, just visiting the developer’s web site and seeing a crown-bearing Fat Mama on display with her disturbing red eyes made us krap our pants in horror. The final nail in this freak show coffin was the troubling promo video we found on Fat Mama’s site … complete chaos, music that will make your ears bleed and a crazy talking cat at 46 seconds proclaiming – “My name is Fat Mama and I like being tickled”.

Push play if you dare! Warning … not for the faint of heart – can cause an epileptic seizure. Go ahead, make my day … crank the volume and push it!


App Store Nudity – Volume 5 (My X Girlfriend)

Fortress-FAIL-FINAL Last week we came across an article on Mashable called “Sexy Manga Girls & Apple App Store Rules”. The article introduced a new adult oriented application under review for approval … Otakulous … a wallpaper-type app of sexy manga drawings. The article continued to detail Apple’s strict no nudity policy, referring to the Hottest Girls application as an example of the consequences developers face if their app contains nudity … Hottest Girls was quickly pulled from the App Store.

Pretty standard info for us iDorks, however we found it quite curious how Mashable concluded the article with this strong statement:

It seems that even if we’re talking about virtual or drawn nudity, Apple App Store is still an impenetrable fortress when it comes to adult material.

Huh? You’re freaking kidding us, right? An “impenetrable fortress” defending against adult material … Laughing Our Asses Off! Here, let’s recap all the apps containing nudity that managed to slip by this “impenetrable fortress” (all approved by Apple, then later removed from the App Store) …

06/25/09 – Hottest Girls (Mashable got this one right, their sole example of app nudity)
07/01/09 – BeautyMeter (contained topless images, including an alleged 15 year old girl)
07/30/09 – theXchange (contained extremely hard core pornography)
08/21/09 – Check myHottie (contained extremely hard core pornography)

So let’s see here … since the end of June, every couple of weeks, a nudie porn app appears … pretty krappy fortress if you ask us. Now granted, BeautyMeter, theXchange and Check myHotties contained user-generated nude images (meaning some will argue that it’s not Apple’s blunder since users of the app uploaded the nude images themselves – outside of Apple’s knowledge), but nude is nude and thus appear on our tally.

Hmmm … last app containing nudity was August 21. Guess we’re due for another one? Of course! Meet Apple’s fifth nudie porno app, from Holoality SoftwareMy X Girlfriend.


Released yesterday, My X Girlfriend is yet another example of how photo apps which rely on user-generated images, quickly turn into a showcase for nudes and pornography. While developers attempt to implement “community flagging” safeguards (flag icon on the upper right area of screenshots below), relying on users to flag and notify inappropriate content is  clearly ineffective.

My X Girlfriend Splash Screen CENSORED   My X Girlfriend 3 CENSORED

My X Girlfriend 1 CENSORED   My X Girlfriend 5 CENSORED

So that concludes this edition of “Apple’s Impenetrable Fortress”. We’ll see you in a few weeks as we update our tally with a brand new nudie porno app. How can we be so sure? Hey, since June 25 it’s been like clockwork – gotta go with the trends. And until Apple officially allows nudity in the App Store, someone has to be the official Clothing Optional Scorekeeper … might as well be us.

I Am the Sausage King, And I Can Do Anything

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)

Anything sausagey, at least, in Escape of The Sausage King, a vertical scroller by Ryan Bell. You control the titular character by tilting left and right, hopping from bun to bun for brief bits of respite or bouncing on a pickle for maximum hang time. But don’t think for a second that the life of a Sausage King is all about the mustard monarchy and the regal relish. Dangers await his majesty in the form of the firey grill on the bottom and the sharp spikes along the top. One can only imagine what sort of Kielbasa Coup brought him to this fate.

Esacpe Of The Sausage King 1   Esacpe-Of-The-Sausage-King-

Your score is based on how long you survive and the game has three speeds to keep it challenging as your skills improve. The graphics & character animations are polished and the music is inspiring the first couple of times you hear it. I checked out the developer’s website and it appears that he is a graphic designer and musician, so the caliber of those aspects is much better than many other games in the 99 cent category. After a little while, though, I wanted to just listen to music from my iPod while playing. The app doesn’t support that, however, and the iPod music fades out upon launching.

Esacpe-Of-The-Sausage-King-   sausage-4

Gameplay is decent. As with any tilt-to-control game, you have to determine the sensitivity at first. I also played for quite some time before I figured out that the character will "warp" to the other side of the screen if you go off the side edges. The scrolling elements appear to follow a pre-defined pattern, so shattering scores on the high speed setting will ultimately depend on learning the pattern. However, the game is enjoyable for reaction play as well and will definitely keep the kids entertained on the drive home.

Recap: Week Of September 7

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We’re Pissed Off At This Burrito!

Please take a brief moment to read the following description below. Go ahead, we’ll wait … this is, after all, all about you.


So let’s summarize what we read, just to make sure we are both on the same page. This app is called Burrito … it costs 99 cents … and it gives you a (as in “one”) breakfast burrito recipe with video instructions.

Hmmm …

Burrito Screenshot 

Are you F%#KING kidding us?!?
It’s a FREAKING burrito!!!
Why is this KRAP even in the App Store?!?

LOL … seriously, you want a breakfast burrito recipe? Save yourself a buck and click here, here and here. Don’t know how to “assemble” a burrito? Come here so we can whoop you upside the head … it’s a BURRITO, not brain surgery! Whip up some eggs … cook a chorizo … throw it in a tortilla … and BOOM – a breakfast burrito (and you owe us a buck).

Oh, but hold on! Looks like we missed some critical selling points of the Burrito app …

“The videos do not offer verbal instructions but the recordings are at close up which makes it easy to follow”

Holy shit … close up silent videos! yeah dev dude, you’ll get our dollar fo sho! Why the hell are you even telling us this? Wait for it … there’s even more to this phenomenal burrito video garbage …

“The videos can also be paused, stopped, fast forwarded or rewinded”

moarcheez-mike Seriously dev dude, are you talking to us? We’re a bit offended by this statement … we are NOT morons, we passed the Moron Test! Actually, screw this – we’re done taking this abuse from the Burrito app. One flippin’ recipe … blech! Maybe throw in an additional 99, mix in a Burrito Fart button and a chicka holding her boobs … then maybe … just maybe … we’ll consider your silent burrito movie app. But for now –
Adiós Burrito Estúpido Loco!

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