iPeePee – This Aim Game Is A Real Pisser

(written by guest author Connor Coghlan. follow Connor on Twitter @Condawg)

Let’s be frank … no beating around the bush, no seeking description … iPeePee is,
in essence, a penis simulation game.

iPeePee-Logo (editor’s note: OMG! we can’t believe Connor just said p*nis. our apologies – we know p*nis
is a dirty word. dude, come on!)

The goal of iPeePee is to … uh, well … pee. Using the iPhone’s accelerometer controls, you need to pee in a variety of urinals and be as accurate as possible. There are a bunch of things you can pee on … such as a beer bottle that lets you pee a little longer (but decreases your accuracy) or a wad of cash, which somehow increases your score. Not to mention other random items for splash … bottle of pills, a radio, a billiard ball, your friend’s face (kidding), etc.

iPeePee 2

Surprisingly, this game is more difficult than it sounds. You’ve gotta get some pretty high scores to advance and it could take a lot of patience … especially after you’ve leaked on some beer bottles (which could be crucial if your urine level is running low before you’ve reached your goal).

iPeePee 1

Not only is iPeePee entertaining, but this game could be great practice for those inebriated public urination experiences that we will all eventually grow to hate (of course, it’s only effective if you stand about two feet away from the urinal).

Don’t have a penis? No problem! Believe me, it’s not a prerequisite! As I said, this is a simulation game, so anything is possible. Be a guy for a minute and piss all over the place. This game would be no fun if you had to sit down. In fact, I’m not even sure it would work at all. And if you are lucky enough to be of the male gender, you could easily use iPeePee for practice or even as a guide WHILE you pee. (this will require some duct tape to ensure accuracy with the game … I love duct tape, it’s very practical)

iPeePee 4

The only suggestion I have to “enhance” the game (no, “enhance” is not a Viagra reference) is to include an online scoreboard. You know … see how you rank against the most accurate pissers with an iDevice in the world. I could see iPeePee getting very competitive … you know … a real pissing match!