A Homeless Transvestite Keeps The App Store Weird

You know the iPhone is kicking ass and taking names when every celebrity and their mother have a dedicated app. Just last week … pop star turned super mom (?), Britney Spears, released her “It’s Britney” app. The God among men, David Hasselhoff, gives Hoffilicious advice with his “Ask The Hoff” app. Download “I Am T-Pain” and you will be rapper T-Pain. Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, Lady Gaga, Lance Armstrong … heck, even Pope Benedict XVI endorses an iPhone app.

But all these celebrity apps pale in comparison to the most epic celebrity app ever know to mankind … iLeslie.


What could be greater than having 24/7 access to Leslie Cochran? Reading iLeslie’s description makes our knees wobble … pure exhilaration:

The iLeslie application is a select collection of funny short sayings by Leslie as well as two longer interviews with a special message from Leslie.

Be still my beating heart – WOW! Short sayings and a special message from Leslie for only $4.99 … uh, bargain of the millennium, hello!

Whoa, whoa, whoa … what did you say? “Who is Leslie Cochran and why should I care?” Dude, come on … let’s go! Here … read the iLeslie app description and become enlightened …



Hailing from the capital of Texas, world headquarters of Dell Inc., home of the University of Texas Longhorns … a homeless transvestite who catapulted him/herself into stardom. And now his/her crowning achievement (fitting, eh?) … Leslie’s own iPhone app. LOL … screw Britney – what’s the point of being T-Pain – Pope Shmope … homeless transvestite dude is the only celebrity app your iPhone will ever need.

And bless you Austin, Texas … with your slogan of “Keep Austin Weird” … exactly the kind of inspiration the App Store needs. Hmmm, come to think of it … a bangin new Apple slogan – “Keep The App Store Weird”.



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  • TattoozNTech

    i feel dirty… *shivers*

  • LOL … it's ok, we hear you. we had to shower with soap after we
    wrote the article

  • BradI

    “Will program for food”???

  • Similar to San Francisco … one would assume you see a lot of these in
    Austin 🙂

  • moonmac

    This is why Austin is weirder than Portland.

  • LMAO … and guess you should throw in Santa Cruz as well 🙂

  • DeepEddy

    San Francisco lost it's weird decades ago…that's why some of us moved to Austin.

    Leslie had some major medical issues recently; I suspect that the profits are going to his medical bills.

  • Our understanding is that Leslie was attacked … which is really F'd up and
    hopefully part of the proceeds are going to his expenses

  • DeepEddy

    As I recall, he was found in a coma by the side of the road.

  • yeah, think that was the case … sad

  • WTF! 4.99 for this app? theres an app for this too this shit too apple?

  • CostaSystems

    1/2 the profits go to Leslie. Leslie and I really appreciate the write up. You share our vision as being the #1 celebrity iPhone app.

  • That is FANTASTIC! Good for you guys and great to hear Leslie is benefiting
    from the app. Rock on and good luck!

  • shelley_crain

    I have a feeling the Pope and Leslie aren't going to merge their sites any time soon, but here in the city where we love to “keep it weird” I bet they get about equal app ordering!

  • LOL and right on to that!

  • Christina

    I get the live version every morning. Leslie always hangs out at our coffeehouse, Cafe Caffeine.

  • Right on …. the dev states that part of the proceeds are going to Leslie.
    Would be cool to hear Leslie's “take” on the app.

  • costasystems

    I can tell you Leslie was really happy to be able to get his message out.

    So far he has sold 7 copies in total. Maybe an Android version would boost sales 🙂

    Are you the owner of Cafe Caffeine? I live in the hood right down the street, I'll drop by one day to say hello!

  • Well rumor has it that as early as tomorrow, Apple will announce it's
    breaking exclusivity with AT&T and taking on Verizon … which means
    more iPhone owners and a potentially larger audience for Leslie 🙂

  • whoa

  • whoa