MyGirl Brings Sexy Interactivity To The iPhone

freak-and-fembot Ok, this whole virtual girlfriend thing is getting completely out of control. Back in the good old days, girlfriend replacement seekers had basically one choice … the blow up doll. Sure they came with different names, hair and skin color … but in the end, it was inflatable latex.

These days you have freaks marrying video game characters … whack jobs making fembots and including them at family Christmas gatherings (seated at the dinner table, giving them presents, etc.) … and to no surprise, hundreds of choices for virtual iPhone girlfriends … Pocket Girlfriend, iGirlfriend, Sexy Girlfriend, etc. Just last week, CNN named the virtual female bedmate app, Mega Girlfriend, as one of the top three worst apps in 2009 (they called it “creepy” … that’s putting it mildly).

What’s even creepier is how realistic these girlfriend apps are becoming. Take for example the new MyGirl app. This thing is so realistic that we started to have feelings for it … ewww! The folks at iPhSoft developed a proprietary alternative to flash technology (since the iPhone still refuses to support Adobe Flash) called iCore264. This proprietary engine positions MyGirl as the first and only real-time interactive video application for the iPhone. For you geeks … be sure to read the complete techie mumbo jumbo in iPhSoft’s MyGirl press release … supposedly it’s really interesting stuff.


So MyGirl is an interactive, video-based female application … meaning you get to do stuff with a sexy hot chick for only 99 cents (but keep in mind, this is an app … the girl is not real, you cannot marry her). You can massage her … tickle her … undress her … spoil her with presents like flowers or perfume … feed her (we recommend the lollipop or jalapeño) … or even liquor her up with cocktails, which we believe leads to the undressing function. In all, there are over 40 different scenes to satisfy your virtual needs.

MyGirl-1  MyGirl-2

MyGirl-3  MyGirl-4

Similar to other apps which push Apple to think different, MyGirl was banished to the App Store’s hellhole. Submit an app which pushes the envelope, Apple sticks you in an indefinite approval holding pattern. Liron Barzilay, CEO of iPhSoft, said “although MyGirl was submitted to the App Store by the end of August 2009, Apple found the concept and technology behind it so innovating that they took more than 3 months to review it (instead of the usual 10 days), before giving the approval for sale.”

Three months playing with reviewing the sexy hot MyGirl app … ewww Apple, that’s creepy!



  • WTF! is that a red jalapeno in her mouth? oh look theres a blow me buttom too…LOL

  • hey, this is a PG13 rated site, of course that's a jalapeno in her mouth!
    LOL … you should see what happens next … understandably, she ain't a fan
    of the pepper.

  • she will if she had mines in her mouth………LMAO

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  • elPoyo

    i'm getting this she's hot

  • she is quite the looker, indeed … and programmed very well … she's a
    keeper 🙂

  • mygirlapp1

    annnnnnd now she's back as well 🙂

  • mygirlapp1

    annnnnnd now she's back as well 🙂

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