New iPhone App Proves Sex Doesn’t Always Sell

It’s a given – sex sells. Pretty simple stuff … anyone can do it. Get an assortment of smoking hot chick pictures, mix in some titillating words (erotic, exotic, luscious, explicit content, scantily-clad, etc.) … and voila, you completed the sex sells equation.

But despite the worldwide appeal of sex and the fact that a monkey could sell it, a few bozos still manage to screw up. Case in point, the Best Cute Leg app by 1Games


Close but no cigar. We would give some consideration to the plural of this app … Best Cute LegSSSS, but even then, something about being released as a woman during a lonely nice night really disturbs us.

So, no thank you! We’ll just go ahead and stick to the thousands of good old fashioned iPhone smut selections available for download … like the Tight Body Perky Boobs app … doesn’t get any simpler than that.



  • this apps should be free, 1.99 just to see legs? WTH?

  • correction …. $1.99 to see LEG … singular … guess it would be $3.99 to
    see to legsssss 🙂

  • Holly KRAPPS, you are right, how did i miss that? hahaha

  • yeah, just another reason this app is soooo NOT sexy and why we now have
    reoccurring nightmares

  • what is this do some meaningfull man…………

  • what is this do some meaningfull man…………