Recap: Week Of February 15 – plus Pee Without Noise Stool

iphone3g krapps 2 In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

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February 16: New iPhone App Proves Sex Doesn’t Always Sell

February 17: Successful Developer Does A 180, Attempts Publishing A Crap App

February 18: Whiten Yellow Teeth (waste your money) With This New iPhone App

February 19: Apple Drops The Final Bomb On Smut – All ‘Overtly Sexual’ Apps Removed

February 20: Spooky Spirits – Absent of Absinthe


Pee Without Noise Stool
No offense ladies, but this is what happens when you foolishly employ an all-female R&D team … the Pee Without Noise Stool. Designed to eliminate urination noise and splash in one fair swoop … and as an added bonus … eliminate your manhood as well. Kneeling and peeing … yes, this totally makes sense, but you still have the problem of remembering to put the toilet seat down for your honey. Back to the drawing board ladies!

Pee-Stool-1   Pee-Stool-2


Honestly, at $76 for the wooden Eco model or $98 for the polyurethane DX model, if anyone receives one of these ball-remover devices, our advice … cut your losses and just move on!

Pee-Stool-Eco  Pee-Stool-DX