Apple Approves Blatant Doodle Jump Ripoff, Doodle Jumper

Doodle-Jump-UFO Even if you have a remote interest in the iPhone, chances are you’ve heard of Doodle Jump [iTunes $0.99]. Arguably the iPhone’s most successful game to date, Doodle Jump is a platform game developed and published by the two-brother team, Igor and Marko Pusenjak, of Lima Sky. On March 15, Doodle Jump turned 1 year old … already surpassing $3 million in sales – which Lima Sky claims is a first for any Indie development house.

Doodle Jump’s success is certainly well deserved. Igor and Marko work their asses off … constantly updating the game with fresh content (over 25 updates in year 1), reaching out to the media, connecting with fans, writing code, etc. Like we said, Lima Sky are indy developers … there is no team of artists, massive advertising budget or public relations gurus … just two dudes, working hard and crushing it. Doodle Jump is consistently ranked in the Top 10 of all paid apps … not to mention a very cool reference on the awesome TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory. If you haven’t played Doodle Jump, you are completely nuts … at 99 cents, it’s one of the best App Store bargains ever.  

So the $3 million+ Doodle Jump grossed in its first year equates to almost $1 million for Apple (and roughly $2 million for Lima Sky). You would think by receiving a cool million, Apple would have Lima Sky’s back … huh, what? Yeah … Happy One-Year Birthday MOFO … Apple’s gift to Doodle Jump —> Doodle Jumper by CoolGame Studios.


Although “inspired” applications are nothing new in the App Store (heck, Doodle Jump was inspired by Papi Jump) and one can argue it breeds good competition which ultimately benefits consumers … blatant ripoffs of a unique original are a completely different story.


Back in November, we took issue with Pocket Devil being “too close for comfort” to Pocket God. Well Doodle Jumper makes Pocket Devil look angelic. From the name Doodle Jumper (yeah, great 2-letter product differentiation) … to the look-alike Doodler creature (oh, our bad … Doodle Jump’s Doodler has four legs, while Doodle Jumper’s has two) … to the identical gameplay of  jumping up an unending series of platforms without falling … sorry, in our book, two additional letters and a couple of missing legs does not constitute an inspiration. It’s safe to say Doodle Jumper is a blatant ripoff of Doodle Jump.

Doodle-Jump-1  Doodle-Jumper-1

But it’s all good … Doodle Jumper has “inspired” us. We’ll soon be submitting to Apple a few inspirational works … the Playboyer app, Tap Tap Revenger and I Am T—Painer. Apple seemingly doesn’t consider protecting copyright holders, thus it’s up to the individual owner to complain (hey, it’s Apple’s rules, guess they can do whatever they want). So as long as you don’t tell Playboy … we won’t either … and Apple will approve our Playboyer app. See … it really is all good. 


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  • dibs on the name doodle jumperer

  • As soon as I saw this in, I sent off an email to Lima Sky telling them about the app. Hopefully, they will get Apple to remove the app ASAP. It's really sad that Apple's Review staff can't be bothered to not allow apps like these but reject apps like Opera and Google Voice because they match the functionality of original iPhone apps.

  • LMAO … you bastard! well ok then, we get “Jumpererer”!!!

  • Exactly … because Apple claims so often that they care about their
    devs, LOL

    Would love to know WTF that approver was thinking approving Jumper …
    it's like condoning plagerism the ripoff is so blatant

  • SplinteredMind

    Hilarious review. One of your best.

    Looking forward to your release of Hooterers® Calendarer© Sliderer™

  • hey i got copyrights for Doodle Double Jump and KRAPPS App Jumper.

  • Indeed, the possibilities to ripoff Doodle Jump are endless …
    Doodler Jump, Doodler Jumper, Double Dog Doodler Jump, etc … thanks

  • LOL, thank you! Yeah, there should be a decent market for sexy
    ripoffs, not that ripoffs are sexy, just sayin' … huh?

  • No_Tie

    Read all about it on my new site, KRAPPSER

  • ungeheier

    Follow me on my name is @KRAPPSer

  • Oh you bastard! Don't you dare go there ripping KRAPPS off … LOL,
    then again those low life scum scrapper sites already do 🙂

  • saintsalive

    Well I call Pocket Godder. You're a “Pygmyer” and you have to avoid the “Godder” as they try to zapper you with lightninger.

  • j3553

    add me on plus+er: j3553er. I play God Fingerer and sometimes Eliminater

  • Actually screw those apps we mentioned … We are going big time a
    starting a new company called –> APPLER

  • franky farter

    good luck with that one. that only works if you're an australian grocery store.

    ps: i just logged into itunes connect and grabbed “krapp jumper” right now. 😉

  • Nah, we got a plan dude … our CEO is Steve Jobser, a total bad
    ass … yeah, we'll get it approved 🙂

  • starbucksisevil

    Dear god, have apple no shame? Just out of intrest, have you ever reviewed stick escape? More proof of non-existant standards.

    Btw, I call dibs on Civilization Revolutioniser. But I like how Minigorer sounds.

    @saints- That actually sounds like a possible concept for PG2.

  • You guys are not going to believe this but i just came up with a new and awesome Social network idea. Facebooker: Become a Fanner.

  • Pothead

    People just love to bitch.

  • Justin

    I call dibs on butt mufflerer.

  • Ah yes, good old Butt Muffler … now there's a gem 🙂

  • Justin

    Just can't beat quality apps like those! xD

  • LOL … no you can't 😉

  • Anon

    For better or worse it's not Apple's place to reject an app for infringing on someone else's intellectual property. That's for the owner of the IP to decide and take action on.

  • LOL … Come on dude, you know that is bullshit. Why is it not their
    place? So like we sarcastically said, do you really think Apple would
    approve Playboyer?No, they would not … so it's Apple's place to NOT
    approve Playboyer & approve Doodle Jumper? See … that's bullshit and
    it is Apple's place. 🙂

  • LOL … Come on dude, you know that is bullshit. Why is it not their
    place? So like we sarcastically said, do you really think Apple would
    approve Playboyer?No, they would not … so it's Apple's place to NOT
    approve Playboyer & approve Doodle Jumper? See … that's bullshit and
    it is Apple's place. 🙂

  • Jeff

    hey guys, forget the iphone, check out my new device –> the iphoner

  • Louy

    now i wonder wen angryer birds will be released

  • LOL … exactly!