Cosmo Recommends Safe Sexting App In ‘50 More Things To Do Naked’

Back in December we reported that Apple approved the Safe Sexting iPhone app … a photo application that lets users text discrete nude images (hooray for oxymorons) by covering up their naughty bits with blackout boxes. Apparently texting sexually explicit messages and photos (sexting) is quite the rage these days … landing our Safe Sexting article on the front page of Digg (supposedly this Digg thing is a big deal …. meh … all we know is that it cost us additional money in overage fees).



And now women’s magazine … Cosmopolitan … is joining in on the Safe Sexting tomfoolery. Featured in this month’s issue (April 2010 – Lady Gaga cover), on page 174 within the “50 More Things To Do Naked” article, is the Safe Sexting iPhone app. Cosmo’s article lists cool stuff every woman should do bare-assed (their words, not ours) … coming in at #8, our friend —> Safe Sexting …

Test run the Safe Sexting iPhone app. Take pics of each other with your phone, then use the app to choose different size boxes to censor your lady parts and his package.


However messing with the Safe Sexting app is not the only techie geek thing Cosmo recommends … sending Evites for a naked dinner, updating your Facebook status and bidding on eBay, both in the nude … are other freaky e-items on the list. LOL … rock on Cosmo!

But alas there is some sadness to Cosmo’s kinky iPhone suggestion … Apple has banned the Safe Sexting app from iTunes (da horror). So rather than leaving our KRAPPS viewers feeling blue (no pun), we recommend the Pocket Labeler app as a Safe Sexting alternative. Hopefully Cosmopolitan updates their article as well so readers are not left bare-assed naked with nothing to censor their lady parts and his package (their words, not ours).