Weighing Yourself With An iPad Easier Than With An iPhone [Concept]

With apps like Finger Scale, Touch Scale and iScale … using your iPhone as a digital scale to weigh stuff is a reality.

But obviously due to the its diminutive size, using an iPhone as a digital scale is fairly impractical. While it’s nice to weigh envelopes, coins or diamonds … what we really want to weigh is the KRAPPS temple, our smokin’ hot bod. The shit below simply doesn’t work …


But as Steve Jobs describes the iPad as “magical” … so are its possibilities … like iWeight found over at Thili


Although just a concept … you know some developer will attempt to capitalize on human stupidity and submit iWeight for approval. Don’t laugh … Apple did approve the genital wart healing app, Wart Healer, so it’ll be no surprise if iWeight appears shortly at an App Store near you.

(via Walyou)