OMG! Double Rainbow All The Way Now Appearing In The App Store For Free!

philosoraptor_double_rainbow Here at KRAPPS, we love a good Internet meme … especially when it becomes a cool iPhone app. Stuff like the make-your-ears-bleed Trololo app … or the legendary Three Wolf Moon HowlTone Generator … are proudly displayed on our revolutionary iPhone 4.

In case you missed it, the latest rage on the Internet is the Double Rainbow video uploaded by YouTube user Hungrybear9562. Dude’s real name is Paul Vasquez and back in January he videotaped a killer double rainbow at Yosemite National Park. While the double rainbow is indeed amazing … it’s Vasquez’s reaction to the rainbows that’s making the video go viral. Vasquez is literally floored by the epic sight and can be heard woo-ing, whoa-ing and aaah-ing is pur ecstasy. At one point, Vasquez even begins to cry and questions, “what does it mean?" The entire video is just raw unedited emotion, bordering orgasmic with a hint of stoned.

Make sure you  witness this over-the-top emotional outpour of Double Rainbow …


And with every good Internet meme, an iPhone application is born. KRAPPS welcomes the Double Rainbow All The Way [iTunes Free] app into the App Store … Oh My God!


double-rainbow-2  double-rainbow-1

While not as polished as the Three Wolf Moon or Trololo apps, there’s something comforting about the straightforward Double Rainbow All The Way soundboard app. With 26 sound clips from the original viral video … we’re not exactly sure what it means. But we do know it’s free [iTunes] and that’s always full on orgasmic in our book. Woo! – Whoa! – Yeah!


  • Bear

    I was never asked if you can use my voice to disburse phone apps. Please email me

  • Bear … what up? You still trippin' from your DR experience? You do realize

    we ( only wrote about the app and had nothing to do with the

    production/publishing of it? Not really sure why you left this message …

    weird … but thanks for the visit!