Double Rainbow Pee, What Does This Mean? Urine Teller App Can Help!

unicorn-rainbow-pee Oh My God! Oh My God!

The other day we were taking a leak … it was a full on double rainbow piss … all the way! The colors of our pee were so intense … whoa … so bright, so vivid! Oh My God!

But as we finished our business and took one last look at our full on double rainbow in the urinal … we were left saddened and confused. Our double rainbow piss … what does this mean?

Looking back on our emotional pissing experience, we sure could’ve used the Urine Teller app to help answer our existential question … what does this mean?


Surprisingly (well – not really), Urine Teller is the only application in the App Store which helps you analyze the color of your pee. Just match the color of your wizz to the corresponding color strip … and you’ll be instantly informed to what it means.



Hmmm … so the Urine Teller process would go something like this …

Whip it out – Take a piss – Shake, Shake, Shake (no more than 3 times please) – Put it back – Whip out iPhone – Place near urine – Examine urine – Match urine color to iPhone – Be informed.

Urine Teller app … sure, why not? (don’t answer that – rhetorical question)