This Is Why Steve Wozniak Rocks! [Video]

Steve-Wozniak-iPhone-Protot In case you missed it … Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, turned the big SIX-O on Wednesday. Why should you care? Because Woz is the most awesome person in the entire computer industry. He’s not one of those typical C-Suite arrogant pricks … Woz is  totally cool, likeable and approachable. Heck, dude camped out overnight in front of an Apple Store to purchase both the iPad and iPhone 4 … just hanging out with us common peeps.

Anyways, be sure to check out the Steve Wozniak tribute music video below … That’s Just The Woz. It’s really good stuff and drives home the message of why Woz is a universally loveable icon by geeks worldwide. That’s Just Woz is written and performed by Jonathan Mann … same guy whose music video was featured by Apple at the beginning of their iPhone 4 Antennagate press conference.

Oh – and get this … Woz’s wife, Janet, is also super cool. She commissioned this song as a birthday gift for her husband … STRONG!



  • TyloNary

    Video could've been better if there was less of that Mann guy and more of Woz being shown.