Animal Sex App – Because Darn It, The App Store Was Really Lacking In Animal Porn!

In case you missed the memo, Apple now allows porn in the App Store … as long as the graphic sexual images do not involve human beings. Yes indeed folks, brace yourselves for the onslaught of animal pornography apps … with the first arrival appropriately named … Animal Sex.


Animal Sex informs and educates about reproduction in the animal kingdom. From goats to flies, meerkats to frogs, snails to hippos … Animal Sex details a wide variety of creatures and their sexual techniques. Wonderful, we feel smarter already.



Although flies and snails having sex is really not our thing … but since Apple seems to be cool with canine coitus and boinking bitches, we call first dibs and have already begun developing Humphrey The Humping Dog iPhone app!




  • SplinteredMind

    Yes! Animal porn! Finally, a haven for the lovers of flies in rut. You just can't get pictures like this in mobile safari.

  • indeed, just another fine example of why we LOVE our revolutionary iPhone!

  • MegaMeatyVinky

    Would that upcoming Humpy Humpy Dog app be categorized as bestiality?