Pocket God Honors Its Fans With Hysterical ‘Update Song’ [Music Video]

On January 9, 2009, developers Dave Castelnuovo and Allan Dye released Pocket God. Little did they know that Pocket God would skyrocket them into App Store glory … but at the same time, jacked up their life forever.


When Pocket God was first released 20 months ago, Dave and Allan embarked on an insane journey. They basically became monks (or addicts) … locking themselves indoors, working on Pocket God 24/7 and releasing new updates EVERY WEEK. This insane pace continued month after month after month. Naturally since Dave and Allan are only human, the updates slowed a tad … but still, the amount of new material Pocket God has received over the past 20 months is astonishing … 33 updates!


Now the problem is that when you publish such frequent updates, people start expecting (demanding) it at the regular intervals. When Dave and Allan are “late” with an update, the Pocket God world is turned upside down and fanboys cry <bitch – bitch – bitch> …

Where Is The Update? – Give Us The Update! – We Want The Update Now!

LMAO … gotta love the passion, enthusiasm and fanaticism of Pocket God followers. And what better way to honor these insane and awesome Pocket God fans than through song? Dave and Allan teamed up with singer-songwriter Jonathan Mann (of “The iPhone Antenna Song” and “That’s Just The Woz” fame) to produce the hilarious “Pocket God Update Song” … featuring the only boy band that doesn’t suck – the Pigmy Boy Band.


(and yeah … where the hell are those overtly sexual female pygmies Dave/Allan? … we want them now! … bitch – bitch – bitch)